Horchata – a song by Vampire Weekend

10 Sep

I happened to Google “What is horchata?” and a Yahoo answer caught my eye:

“What does horchata taste like?”

The answer given to him:

Horchata varies in taste across Latin America. Although the drinks may share the same name, the flavor of each is unique to its country of origin.

So Yahoo user…what DOES horchata taste like? Heaven. Sweet Heaven with a side of nap. You know that five minute nap where you managed to get a short dream in and wake up feeling recharged? Well that.

I am Hispanic and have had a large share of horchatas but this song Horchata I have not. Yet somehow, Vampire Weekend managed to create a melody that described my very own horchata flavor: sweet heaven with a side of nap.


Heart-Shaped Sunglasses!

17 Aug

drew barrymore heart shaped sunglasses

They say age ain’t nothin’ but a number. And yet, here I am trying to buy clothes and accessories that are mature, age appropriate and sup-fisticated.

HOWEVER! I am a sucker for cute things. I am, above all a girl, a girl that wants to secretly fill my room with teddy bears and cupcakes and bright pink colored items and pearls and lace. Then you have Drew Barrymore, preggo, casual and sporthing these heart-shaped sunglasses!

Not the transition I was hoping for but you get the point. She makes it look so cool and cute and awesome to wear a pair of shades I would have only owned in my elementary days.

Kate Beckinsale’s “Serpent Goddess” Look

8 Aug

I’ve been extremely busy working on blogs for other amazing companies that I totally fell behind on my own creation. I apologize to all of my followers for not keeping up-to-date with the latest most awesomest random things I’ve encountered because trust…there have been a LOT! But I wasn’t sure where to start again until I saw the images of Kate Beckinsale at her Total Recall movie premiere.

How old is this fierce foxy lady cuz when I reach that age I want to make sure I look.Just.Like.Her! Her skin was a-glowing and her dress was phenomenal. It was celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern who worked with Kate Beckinsale to give her what is being called a “serpent goddess” look:

Stern used a variety of products but to get that glow, she used NYX’s Illuminating Bronzer in Magnetic on her high cheek bones to “reflect the light”.

I like how subtle and natural she looks but amazingly subtle and natural. There’s a radiance within her that could be from the bronzer but overall, this woman looks gorge!

Karma Police by Radiohead

25 Jun

They usually say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

But after catching a local band, all while downing two beers and sipping a shot of tequila, I decided that this was not going to stay in Vegas. Because it was just AWESOME.

Karma Police by Radiohead.

I never did get the name of the local band, but they ended their set with this song and I sang along and downloaded the tune into my phone the next day. What an amazing track. That’s all.


Imagine All the People…Eating ICE CREAM!

21 Jun

Has something ever captured your taste buds so much that you are constantly looking for it everywhere you go?

Last year, I walked into a Whole Foods and browsed through their ice cream section. Me, I’m a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream fan and I’m also a John Lennon fan. So can you just imagine my happiness thermometer when I glance to see a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor called “Imagine Whirled Peace” in honor of thee John Lennon?!

imagine whirled peace ice cream

IMAGINE this in my belly….

This sweet concoction is made up of:

caramel & sweet cream ice cream swirled with fudge peace signs and toffee cookie pieces

Oh boy! Me and my puppy, LUCYintheskywithdiamonds, by the way, truly enjoyed the pint of ice cream during my one-hour lunch break. Not an appropriate portion size, I know. Nor highly nutritious but tastefully addicting! I have since been able to find this wonderful gift of sweet goodness from Ben & Jerry’s but the memory it left: priceless.

According to Ben & Jerry’s:

When Ben & Jerry’s wanted to talk about peace, we couldn’t think of a better person to exemplify the message than John Lennon. Through his art and lyrics he imagined a world without war and asked us all to ‘Give Peace a Chance’. We hope this whirly mixture of toffee cookies and fudge peace signs enlightens your bellies and souls and makes you ask what you can do to promote peace in your lives.

My go-to has always been Cherry Garcia but every so often, I cheat on it with thoughts of those fudge peace signs and sweet cream ice cream. If it was a moment that was supposed to be experienced once, then it was a moment that was experienced to its fullest….

Lights Out! (Santigold)

18 Jun



I didn’t know there was such a thing as creating a playlist on Youtube! The BF has amazing playlists and I wanted to be cool just like him. So I created one, simply titled: Nancy’s Playlist, cuz it is. I added a variety of beats that kinda get me to do a little shoulder action. To be honest, I have never listened to any of Santigold’s music; I’ve only heard of her. For some reason, I clicked on this video here, and it has now been added to my Vegas Mix. It’s kinda cool, the song. I dig it and I’m sure you will add to some sort of playlist as well.

Guest Post: Mascara Me Fabulous!

17 Jun

Looking for a great mascara is like looking for the perfect guy:

so many to choose from, all saying they are going to do this and that for you, having you feeling fabulous…UNTIL it starts to flake on you!

Ah! Read below and discover the journey Lorena has taken to find thee mascara that’s right for her. We’ve ALL been there:

“This year I have been in search of the perfect many things:

men, eye shadow, eye liner and…MASCARA!

Let me tell you about just a few mascaras I have tried: Maybelline Falsies, Define a Lash, as well as their OG Pink and Green tube. Some of these made my lashes fall out or they dried too fast. Others did nothing they claimed to do! My lashes didn’t look like I had”falsies” on and no single lash was defined. I even tried mascaras because of the spokespeople (Drew Barrymore, I could have sworn my lashes were going to turn out exactly like yours…). Another one bites the
dust. Mascara after mascara, I always go back to Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Express mascara in Glam Black:

maybelline collossal mascara

Maybe she’s born with it….maybe it’s ________

For me, Colossal Volume Express does what it says: 9x the volume! Colossal lashes in just one coat (or 2-3 depending on
occasion) and made with collagen. It may be the mega brush or the collagen formula; I don’t know…maybe it’s the combination of the two but it plumps my lashes just the way I like them – VOLUMINOUS. I buy mine at Target usually between $5-6. The only down fall to this mascara is that it dries quickly. I find myself buying a tube every month and half or so. I know when I need to buy a new tube when mid day I see flakes on my cheeks (not cute, not cute at all). Besides that, this is the one product that you’ll always find in my make up caboodle.”

lorena zazueta


Lorena Zazueta is currently a student at USC. She enjoys spending time with her friends and  eating bean ‘n cheese burritos with green sauce. She likes to put make up on her friends, loves a good laugh, dancing with no rhythm and has a passion for helping others. Looking for the right guy is on hold as she is still trying to find the perfect mascara!