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Chinchilla on mah’ Lips!

31 Jan

I am instantly attracted to anything that is different. So when I discovered Lime Crime cosmetics and its vast assortment of fairy tale colors, I was in love.  The packaging alone is an attention-whore waiting to be put into your makeup kit.  The colors in the collection vary from tangerine to yellow to black.  Will I ever rock the yellow or aqua lip color, I don’t know.  But I was able to snag this chinchilla color and was super excited to try it even though the BF was not a fan…at first.

picture taken from Web site

See, the lipstick is a matte color, so when I first applied it, it was very grayish-white and gothic.  But I didn’t let that stop me.  I decided to bring this baby to my Palm Springs trip extravaganza so that I can glam it out.  And glam it out, oh I did.  I did a simple black, smokey eye and added a tinted lip gloss (Stila Fruit Punch) and then I glided the chinchilla over my lips just a tad.  I felt superbly fierce all night.  Superbly fierce? Yes…superbly!

Chinchillin' It


Narai Thai Restaurant

29 Jan

This Downey treasure chest is full of Thai delicacies that are just orgasms in your mouth.  Every single dish that I have tried is as great as the past one.  I go through my stages of dish obsessions, from Pad Thai to coconut soup and chicken satay, but lately my go-to items are the ones listed below:

    From above, you can see the pineapple rice, yellow curry chicken and  crab rangoons.

All items are a bit sweet: the curry has a mild spice and the pineapple rice, well filled with adequate amount of pineapple chunks and raisins make this combo even more superior.

My ultimate fave at this place are their new crab rangoon appetizer: fried wontons filled with cream cheese, crab and green onions served with a sweet orange sauce.  Oh boy!

Ahh so this is the end of my 4 reviews that I had wanted to post Friday nite – but since I was exhausted to the max, I saved it for today.  Currently I am enjoying some down time in Palm Springs, California and am taking note of other cool random reviews for y’all!

Yes to Carrots Body Butter

29 Jan

I’ve been a bit curious to try this brand and it’s funny that I was just talking about this with a friend.  Next day after the conversation, I walked into a Walgreens and Yes to Carrots! brand was ‘buy one, get one half off’.

So of course, I picked out a product for myself and decided to get this body butter for the BF, who has very dry, itchy skin –  so that it makes him irritably uncomfortable. For a while, we were using Dream Cream from Lush and it really was moisturizing but we ran out and the nearest location is sometimes a bit too far.
We are always trying new products and this really stood out because it said it contained pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots and dead sea minerals.  I wanna say that I almost purchased this product because it sounded good; I have never came across a product with those ingredients, so I was happy to drive back home with this product.

The body butter does not leave a greasy feeling; it leaves a soft finish and the BF is enjoying it.  I truly enjoy the smell; it’s a bit powdery but mild.

Refried Frijoles Taco

28 Jan

I am a huge sucker…for refried beans! I have since moved out of my parent’s home, but every time I visit, I always ask if there are any beans.

They are such a comfort food and they are soooo good! Especially the way my mom and step-dad make them, and I guess the way your parents make them too.

Yesterday, a co-worker’s dad brought her lunch: four tacos de frijoles (refried bean tacos) with some queso fresco (cheese), salsa and avocado.  Let me just tell all the non-Hispanics: this is totally worth trying.  I know the picture may not make the taco look that good and yes, I agree, refried beans sometimes look gross, but they are so yummy!  I happily accepted the taco from my co-worker and was filled with sheer delight; took me back to my mom’s kitchen or memories of family barbeques, or carne asadas as we call them.  Hands down, if you give me the option to choose steak or a refried bean taco…the taco!  A red velvet cupcake or a refried bean taco…yup! the taco.  Mac ‘n cheese or the refried bean taco…ok this one is tough because I would definitely want both but I know that I will choose the taco.  And the toppings are most important.  Sure a refried bean taco is as delicious but if you want to take that baby to a whole new level called “party in your mouth” then I would add the three common toppings listed above.  Let the party be-gin.

Shakira – Sale el Sol

28 Jan

Well this one was a given – her hips are infamous but her voice is legendary.

This is Shakira’s 4th Spanish album (Pies Delcazos, Donde Estan Los Ladrones?, Fijacion Oral vol. 1) and I am glad to hear her voice again. Although her English songs are catchy, it’s the Spanish songs where her voice truly captures your soul.

The CD is called Sale el Sol which means “the sun comes out” – and it totally encompasses the feeling of hope.

The tunes are full of melody and some are going to make you wanna dance.

Songs are about feeling hopeful after a breakup, finding new love and love overall; but all with positive vibes.

This CD includes three bonus tracks, or remixes really of songs already on the album: Loca, Rabiosa and Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

I heard the entirety of this album while sitting in traffic both to and from my internship and I caught myself constantly putting the volume higher and hitting the repeat button more than once on a single song.

Random Overload

28 Jan

Wow…I encountered so many cool things today that I don’t even know where to begin. There’s music, food, products and more food on its way!

I had a super busy day and worked NON-stop at my internship today but I’m not complaining because, honestly, I’ve been given a great opportunity.  With that being said, you can also add the harsh L.A. traffic back home and a super hyper dog that has been alone all day, it’s suffice to say that I’m totally burnt out.  I would love to post all the above-mentioned things but since I have a 6-hour class tomorrow (Saturday), I must get some rest.  Don’t fret – my reviews will be posted sooner than never.

What should I review first? Try to guess what my reviews will be – here are a few hints:

1st random review – she’s a Latin pop star and hottie; she claims that her “hips don’t lie” and she’s “sorry that her breasts are small and humble”.

2nd random review – the ultimate comfort food for Hispanics and it pairs amazingly with avocado.

3rd random review – carrots aren’t the only ingredient in this beauty product but it sure does leave your skin smooth and soft.

4th random review – after an hour-and-a-half in traffic, I am super lucky to have a BF that will drive across town for this deelish exotic delicacy.

happiness is...warm blankets and sleep!

Love Don’t Cost a Thing…

27 Jan

    Unfortunately, this perfume does.  But let me tell you why I don’t mind paying $19.99 at T.J. Max for it:

Since I can remember, fragrances and me did not get along.  They have always caused some sort of nausea – that is – until I came across this beauty. The notes in this fragrance are fruity, romantic and playful. As such, that it does not even exist in major department stores anymore, so whenever I do find it, getting it is a must.

The perfume is a blend of orange, lemon, pineapple, peony, violet, caramel, vanilla, tonka beans and sandalwood, which explains the mood it puts me in.  It is soft and the smell lingers far longer than any other perfume I’ve experimented with. I am so happy to have found it because just this morning as I was spritzing another perfume, I realized that it did not go with me and the smell disappeared just instantly.

Tomorrow morning, however, I will be reunited with my signature smell.  Success.