Random Overload

28 Jan

Wow…I encountered so many cool things today that I don’t even know where to begin. There’s music, food, products and more food on its way!

I had a super busy day and worked NON-stop at my internship today but I’m not complaining because, honestly, I’ve been given a great opportunity.  With that being said, you can also add the harsh L.A. traffic back home and a super hyper dog that has been alone all day, it’s suffice to say that I’m totally burnt out.  I would love to post all the above-mentioned things but since I have a 6-hour class tomorrow (Saturday), I must get some rest.  Don’t fret – my reviews will be posted sooner than never.

What should I review first? Try to guess what my reviews will be – here are a few hints:

1st random review – she’s a Latin pop star and hottie; she claims that her “hips don’t lie” and she’s “sorry that her breasts are small and humble”.

2nd random review – the ultimate comfort food for Hispanics and it pairs amazingly with avocado.

3rd random review – carrots aren’t the only ingredient in this beauty product but it sure does leave your skin smooth and soft.

4th random review – after an hour-and-a-half in traffic, I am super lucky to have a BF that will drive across town for this deelish exotic delicacy.

happiness is...warm blankets and sleep!

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