Refried Frijoles Taco

28 Jan

I am a huge sucker…for refried beans! I have since moved out of my parent’s home, but every time I visit, I always ask if there are any beans.

They are such a comfort food and they are soooo good! Especially the way my mom and step-dad make them, and I guess the way your parents make them too.

Yesterday, a co-worker’s dad brought her lunch: four tacos de frijoles (refried bean tacos) with some queso fresco (cheese), salsa and avocado.  Let me just tell all the non-Hispanics: this is totally worth trying.  I know the picture may not make the taco look that good and yes, I agree, refried beans sometimes look gross, but they are so yummy!  I happily accepted the taco from my co-worker and was filled with sheer delight; took me back to my mom’s kitchen or memories of family barbeques, or carne asadas as we call them.  Hands down, if you give me the option to choose steak or a refried bean taco…the taco!  A red velvet cupcake or a refried bean taco…yup! the taco.  Mac ‘n cheese or the refried bean taco…ok this one is tough because I would definitely want both but I know that I will choose the taco.  And the toppings are most important.  Sure a refried bean taco is as delicious but if you want to take that baby to a whole new level called “party in your mouth” then I would add the three common toppings listed above.  Let the party be-gin.


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