Shakira – Sale el Sol

28 Jan

Well this one was a given – her hips are infamous but her voice is legendary.

This is Shakira’s 4th Spanish album (Pies Delcazos, Donde Estan Los Ladrones?, Fijacion Oral vol. 1) and I am glad to hear her voice again. Although her English songs are catchy, it’s the Spanish songs where her voice truly captures your soul.

The CD is called Sale el Sol which means “the sun comes out” – and it totally encompasses the feeling of hope.

The tunes are full of melody and some are going to make you wanna dance.

Songs are about feeling hopeful after a breakup, finding new love and love overall; but all with positive vibes.

This CD includes three bonus tracks, or remixes really of songs already on the album: Loca, Rabiosa and Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

I heard the entirety of this album while sitting in traffic both to and from my internship and I caught myself constantly putting the volume higher and hitting the repeat button more than once on a single song.

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