Narai Thai Restaurant

29 Jan

This Downey treasure chest is full of Thai delicacies that are just orgasms in your mouth.  Every single dish that I have tried is as great as the past one.  I go through my stages of dish obsessions, from Pad Thai to coconut soup and chicken satay, but lately my go-to items are the ones listed below:

    From above, you can see the pineapple rice, yellow curry chicken and  crab rangoons.

All items are a bit sweet: the curry has a mild spice and the pineapple rice, well filled with adequate amount of pineapple chunks and raisins make this combo even more superior.

My ultimate fave at this place are their new crab rangoon appetizer: fried wontons filled with cream cheese, crab and green onions served with a sweet orange sauce.  Oh boy!

Ahh so this is the end of my 4 reviews that I had wanted to post Friday nite – but since I was exhausted to the max, I saved it for today.  Currently I am enjoying some down time in Palm Springs, California and am taking note of other cool random reviews for y’all!


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