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Mochi Ice Cream

29 Feb

mochi ice cream Have you ever tried Mochi ice cream?

If you haven’t, you MUST! and if you have…i’m glad.

When my younger sister started waitressing at a sushi joint, I was very open into trying out whatever she put in front of me. You see, I’m not big on seafood so can you imagine me eating raw seafood. But with her, it was like sushi 101 and the experience always ended with a mochi ice cream. She brought me every flavor they had and you can just imagine how excited I was to see this box at Trader Joes.

The mango mochi ice cream is my favorite. Some people dont like the soft, powderish cover and are grossed out by the texture. But the sweet mango ice cream inside is the real treat.

Not even a while back, did me and the BF venture out to Little Tokyo in Downtown L.A. and we came across a mochi ice cream shop. Mochi of ALL different flavors. I tried a coconut one and it was just as amazing. Eventually I’ll make it back over there and give you a full review of this little treasure. But for now, try the mango mochi from Trader Joe’s or treat yourself to one after a sushi meal. They are the perfect bite-size amount for treating yourself to a little bit of sweetness.

mango mochi ice cream

perfect size for a healthy indulgence!


Lorac – Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss

28 Feb

lorac lips with benefits lip gloss

Isn’t this one of the prettiest lip glosses you’ve ever seen?

The new Lorac Lips with Benefits lip gloss has swirls of gold and silver metallics infused in this tube for a shimmery or matte finish.

According to Lorac, the gloss is made with a paraben-free formula and is infused with antioxidants of Acai berry, pomegranateeExtract and Vitamins C & E.

The best thing about this gloss is that it smells quite yummy. The web site says it has a creme brulee fragrance but I smell cotton candy. Either way, if you are a beauty hoarder, this is a must have in your collection because:

1) it’s pretty

2) safe for your skin (paraben-free)

3) smells sweet

4) I mean really, do you need, another reason?

Here’s a swatch of this one that I have:

lorac lip gloss swatch

Mark (neutral peach)

Although it is a neutral peach, to me, it comes off more as a matte baby pink. I gave another one to my sister which was more sheer and metallic so I think it depends on what look you enjoy but definitely check it out this new pretty collection. They are like lollipops and you’ll want to take them ALL!

lorac lips with benefits

Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss Collection

Casa Garcia Nachos – Pico Rivera, Calif.

27 Feb

casa garcia nachos pico rivera I know two nachos in one week! Blame it on a gazillion projects and deadlines.

This location has been in my life since high school. EVERY one raved about the nachos but at that point, I wasn’t too crazy about them having rice. I re-visited this historic location a few months ago for simple nachos: green chile meat, cheese and plain guacamole. And that my friends, made history in my book! The BF and I enjoyed them so much, we’ve been somewhat repeat offenders. You can create the nachos however you’d like, add extra toppings and personalize them to your palette. I decided to add refried beans and made no regrets. It’s unbelievable how these simple nachos are full of flavor.

For the first time, we decided to actually sit down and eat the nachos on location. The place was full and every table had a serving of nachos. Crazy. And many more were walking out with a to-go order of nachos. This place has definitely remained popular for locals without any extravagance on the menu; just simple food for simple people.

And one last time for your viewing pleasure from a different angle: Casa Garcia nachos

casa garcia nachos pico rivera

Diane von Furstenberg jumpsuit

26 Feb

I feel super giddy that I get to write a post about jumpsuits!

I am addicted to jumpsuits and fawn over them every time I see one at a store.

We all know that past fashion trends always make a comeback at a later time and lately, or for a while now, jumpsuits have been strutting down the red carpet.

But not everybody favors this item of choice and many more don’t appreciate the chic glam it encompasses.

70s Glam



What do you have against this frock of funk?

They were a staple in the 70s and besides all the drugs that were hyped in that decade, the 70s was about disco, funk and platform shoes!

It’s fun, comfy and depending on your style, you can rock it however you want and still look chic!

Or so that’s what I think.




I am obsessing over this Diane von Furstenerg jumpsuit!!! The color is GORGEOUS and Kate Beckinsale totally took care of business! Where can I get this? I want to where it everyday; while I’m doing my homework, when I’m walking the dawgy, while washing dishes and every time I’m helping myself to a BOMB serving of nachos.

Kate Beckinsale in Diane von Furstenberg jumpsuit


Pizzarito Pizza – Marina Del Rey, Calif.

24 Feb

There aren’t too many pizza spots that offer pizza by the slice. So I am glad that Pizzarito Pizza does because on most days, I crave a slice of cheese heaven.

Marina Del Rey location

They have several pizzas already out which they reheat to perfection for you to indulge in thier slices and experience a toasty, warm slice of pizza.

However, they have a variety of interesting items for you to choose from that involve bread, cheese and filling.

There is the pizza slice of course, but they also have a stromboli – which is like calzone and then they have some pinwheels:

Are you confused? Because I sure was when I saw this.
At first, I thought it was a cinnamon bun?

But after I asked, I learned that it was just bread with cheese and toppings inside.

Never having had one, I decided to order it (sausage).

sausage pinwheel

I know this doesn’t look too appealing and to some of you it may look like a heart attack but trust me.

The bread was soft, the cheese was not over-the-top and it had just the right amount of sausage to add that spicy kick.

The marinera sauce, for your dipping pleasure, is also delish and tastes original.

My friend tried the spinach one, so we exchanged pieces before completely finishing our own.

Is it healthier? perhaps! but both were just as tasty.

and in conclusion:

Piove sul Bagnato

(that’s Italian for “too much of  a good thing” – pizza!)

Eva Mendes on Marie Claire (March 2012)

24 Feb

I have always had a girl-crush on the sultry Eva Mendes.

She is so gorgeous and her features >> ahhh-may-zeen! She has the voluminous hair, the Cindy Crawford mole, more eyebrows than myself and she has sexy curves. Every look of hers is so feminine, chic and glamourous and I am instantly attracted to any of her magazine covers.

This Marie Claire cover was not any less different than i’ve ever seen but the editorial shots are reminiscent of the infamous Sophia Loren. 














Mendes’ article and editorial shoot is beyond perfection and extremely sexy. But I think the best thing about Mendes was her quote at the very opening of the magazine:

“It doesn’t matter what you have or what you look like, everyone has to work at being confident

Preach on, sistah!

Redwood Bar & Grill – Downtown L.A.

23 Feb

nachos redwood

I’m just gonna let you take that in for a while.

I know.

They are.

I did.


Soo good.

A friend and I decided to head out for some “business talk” and I came across this excellent find. The bar was dark, mildly empty, happy hour was taking place and I felt like a pirate. The decor is that of a ship, semi-gothic, semi-vintage. They had beers on tap – your traditional ones as well as some craft beers. The menu boasted of American classics (burgers) and even included a South of the Border section. Alas, the nachos. I was hesitant to order them because I spotted the mac on cheese but my friend was craving them so we ordered them.

The waitress mentioned they were big enough to share but she never warned they were big enough to share with an entire village.

I don’t think it was the size that intimidated us, it was the cheese. It’s the holy grail of nachos. I mean if you want cheese, you got cheese. What is magnificent about these nachos or this, cheese, I should say, is that it’s not that processed cheese. They create their own cheese sauce which pairs amazingly with the GENEROUS amount of guacamole, may I add, and the black beans and chicken hidden underneath.

Unfortunately, we did not finish the nachos. Oh but we wanted to. I  know – fatness to the second power but when you have something this good, you don’t wanna let it go to waste. I know declare this our business meeting locale. And if business meetings run over time, I don’t mind checking out a local band or join in the live karaoke they have scheduled every week.