Dunkin’ Stix

1 Feb

I know, I know.  This is so bad for you.  Filled with carbs, sugar and everything on the DON’T eat this list!

I don’t usually buy any baked goods from any liquor stores but once in a while, a Dunkin’ Stix crave haunts me.

What I like about these bad boys (and in this context they really are bad) is that they are a bit thicker than your regular doughnut.  I try to eat just one but before I know it, the only thing left is the wrapper.

These aren’t a daily treat – and maybe that is what makes them so darn good.  With milk they are even more amazing and they are the perfect size to be dunked in your drink of choice.  Alas! they are dunkinstix.

What is your fave ‘bad for you’ treat?


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