Tasty Treat Thursday – Chocolate Muffin

3 Feb
a whole lotta muffin top

 It isn’t every Thursday that it’s Tasty Treat Thursday, so today as I was driving or, actually, sitting in traffic, I was reflecting back on things that have left memorable impacts on my life.  Coffee Bean chocolate muffins were indeed one of them.

It was after a long day trip in San Diego, on our way back home, that the BF decided to stop for some coffee.  Me, not being the coffee enthusiast as most, was shy with the menu but decided on the Winter Dream Chai Tea Latte (that should definitely be a post in its entirety!).  The BF ordered his drink of choice and an order of chocolate muffins.

So moist, so soft, so YUMMY.

They had just the right amount of chocolate and for my eating pleasure, also contained, the right amount of chocolate chips.  So, for old times’ sake, I made a pit stop at Coffee Bean close by and ordered a few – one of the best choices made today.  Thank you chocolate muffins for the memories that I will cherish always.

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