When life gives you lemons….

13 Feb

you DON’T make lemonade. Instead, you head out to your local video rental place (or go online) and check out a good-for-you movie.  So yes, life did take over for a bit and I have been MlA but lately everything has been so exhausting that I just want to rest!

So last Friday after being in traffic all evening, I decided that I was going to check out some movies, have a beer and enjoy my Friday nite on  my couch.  I was super excited to see 50/50 on the shelves because I had been wanting to check that one out since it came out.

Well you know when you think life is horrible and you are the ONLY one that is going through the worst? After seeing this movie, you’ll remember why you are one lucky being.  No matter what problems you may be going through, this movie teaches you about courage, hope and positivity.  It truly is touching and entertaining.

50/50 movie review

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