Cookie-Mania at the wood

15 Feb

goodness inside and out

Don’t you just wanna live in these? Well, dontcha!

These pieces of Heaven were introduced to me at my internship – so big, so sweet, so delightful!

It’s a cookie + frosting + another cookie!

the wood is the name of the eatery, on Washington Blvd. in L.A. and they’re menu boasts of comfort faves with a natural gourmet touch

all the locals eat here or so that’s what the sign says

I’m no local (FAR from local – 1 hour away far from local) but I definitely had to snag me a few of these and take them back home to indulge

As you can see, I had to try a piece of the blueberry cookie with blueberry filling.  I was sitting in traffic with these babies in my car so how could I manage NOT to break a piece off.

the other two: carrot cake cookie with cream cheese filling and of course, this red velvet cookie with cream cheese filling, I waited to try until the BF came home from work

which ended up being a loooong time after I got home but totally worth the wait

The next day after 6 hours of class, I was driving home thinking of only one thing: leftover cookie goodness

To my dismay, there was no leftover cookie goodness because it was consumed by the BF

Which leaves me to another thing: must pick up more cookie goodness soon!


One Response to “Cookie-Mania at the wood”

  1. Fani February 16, 2012 at 12:14 am #

    Yuuum! I want some please *puppy dog eyes*

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