Wetzels Bitz

19 Feb

There is only one thing I look forward to when I go to the mall: Wetzels Bitz – Almond Crunch

Since high school, every mall trip consisted of rewarding myself at the end with a yummy pretzel.

I don’t know what I was rewarding myself for.

spending money? being able to survive amongst a multitude of people? snagging cool items on sale?

Whatever the reason, I made it a tradition to never leave the mall without treating myself to some Wetzels Pretzels.

I went from a regular pretzel, to their PIZZA pretzel, to their pretzel DOG! and lately, their Wetzel Bitz – which are like little bits of Heaven.


Weltzels Pretzels Bitz

*Google image*

Have you tried these? I wish I could have a personal picture for you but unfortunately, the bitz were gone by the time I got home.

My favorite ones are the almond crunch bitz with glaze.

You must go out to the mall and treat yourself today! But if you can’t make sure to do so next time.

We all need to treat ourselves once in a while.

wetzel bitz

*image taken from Web site (don't they look like a party in yer mouth!)



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