Tropicana Bakery – Downey, Calif.

22 Feb

Seriously. Their treats are so good I just want to slap somebody.

Ok I don’t really want to slap somebody but I’m the girl that does NOT like cheesecake but I eat their cheesecake oh yes I do.

But that’s not the point. The point is that there is this Cuban bakery in the city of Downey and it gets super packed sometimes but trust me…it is definitely worth the wait!

My fave of all time are their sweet empanadas filled with guava or pineapple, cream cheese or coconut shavings. The pastries are always warm and just pure delight.

cuban snack

In the background you will notice the almighty Inca Kola, which I  normally don’t combine with these sweet breads.

(their hot chocolate is bomb-dot-com)

So back to the Kola, which tastes nothing like our cola soda. This one tastes something like bubblegum and pineapple. And true, I do not drink soda. At all. But this one. Always an exception. Cuz it’s so dang good!

cuban sandwich

Cuban sandwich with plantain chips


Just thinking of the this Cuban bakery warms my heart and makes me hungry.

sweet empanada with chorizo

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