Redwood Bar & Grill – Downtown L.A.

23 Feb

nachos redwood

I’m just gonna let you take that in for a while.

I know.

They are.

I did.


Soo good.

A friend and I decided to head out for some “business talk” and I came across this excellent find. The bar was dark, mildly empty, happy hour was taking place and I felt like a pirate. The decor is that of a ship, semi-gothic, semi-vintage. They had beers on tap – your traditional ones as well as some craft beers. The menu boasted of American classics (burgers) and even included a South of the Border section. Alas, the nachos. I was hesitant to order them because I spotted the mac on cheese but my friend was craving them so we ordered them.

The waitress mentioned they were big enough to share but she never warned they were big enough to share with an entire village.

I don’t think it was the size that intimidated us, it was the cheese. It’s the holy grail of nachos. I mean if you want cheese, you got cheese. What is magnificent about these nachos or this, cheese, I should say, is that it’s not that processed cheese. They create their own cheese sauce which pairs amazingly with the GENEROUS amount of guacamole, may I add, and the black beans and chicken hidden underneath.

Unfortunately, we did not finish the nachos. Oh but we wanted to. I  know – fatness to the second power but when you have something this good, you don’t wanna let it go to waste. I know declare this our business meeting locale. And if business meetings run over time, I don’t mind checking out a local band or join in the live karaoke they have scheduled every week.


One Response to “Redwood Bar & Grill – Downtown L.A.”

  1. Fani February 24, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

    MMmm I want some now! Haha but with like a lot less cheese. >.<

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