Pizzarito Pizza – Marina Del Rey, Calif.

24 Feb

There aren’t too many pizza spots that offer pizza by the slice. So I am glad that Pizzarito Pizza does because on most days, I crave a slice of cheese heaven.

Marina Del Rey location

They have several pizzas already out which they reheat to perfection for you to indulge in thier slices and experience a toasty, warm slice of pizza.

However, they have a variety of interesting items for you to choose from that involve bread, cheese and filling.

There is the pizza slice of course, but they also have a stromboli – which is like calzone and then they have some pinwheels:

Are you confused? Because I sure was when I saw this.
At first, I thought it was a cinnamon bun?

But after I asked, I learned that it was just bread with cheese and toppings inside.

Never having had one, I decided to order it (sausage).

sausage pinwheel

I know this doesn’t look too appealing and to some of you it may look like a heart attack but trust me.

The bread was soft, the cheese was not over-the-top and it had just the right amount of sausage to add that spicy kick.

The marinera sauce, for your dipping pleasure, is also delish and tastes original.

My friend tried the spinach one, so we exchanged pieces before completely finishing our own.

Is it healthier? perhaps! but both were just as tasty.

and in conclusion:

Piove sul Bagnato

(that’s Italian for “too much of  a good thing” – pizza!)

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