Diane von Furstenberg jumpsuit

26 Feb

I feel super giddy that I get to write a post about jumpsuits!

I am addicted to jumpsuits and fawn over them every time I see one at a store.

We all know that past fashion trends always make a comeback at a later time and lately, or for a while now, jumpsuits have been strutting down the red carpet.

But not everybody favors this item of choice and many more don’t appreciate the chic glam it encompasses.

70s Glam



What do you have against this frock of funk?

They were a staple in the 70s and besides all the drugs that were hyped in that decade, the 70s was about disco, funk and platform shoes!

It’s fun, comfy and depending on your style, you can rock it however you want and still look chic!

Or so that’s what I think.




I am obsessing over this Diane von Furstenerg jumpsuit!!! The color is GORGEOUS and Kate Beckinsale totally took care of business! Where can I get this? I want to where it everyday; while I’m doing my homework, when I’m walking the dawgy, while washing dishes and every time I’m helping myself to a BOMB serving of nachos.

Kate Beckinsale in Diane von Furstenberg jumpsuit



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