Lorac – Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss

28 Feb

lorac lips with benefits lip gloss

Isn’t this one of the prettiest lip glosses you’ve ever seen?

The new Lorac Lips with Benefits lip gloss has swirls of gold and silver metallics infused in this tube for a shimmery or matte finish.

According to Lorac, the gloss is made with a paraben-free formula and is infused with antioxidants of Acai berry, pomegranateeExtract and Vitamins C & E.

The best thing about this gloss is that it smells quite yummy. The web site says it has a creme brulee fragrance but I smell cotton candy. Either way, if you are a beauty hoarder, this is a must have in your collection because:

1) it’s pretty

2) safe for your skin (paraben-free)

3) smells sweet

4) I mean really, do you need, another reason?

Here’s a swatch of this one that I have:

lorac lip gloss swatch

Mark (neutral peach)

Although it is a neutral peach, to me, it comes off more as a matte baby pink. I gave another one to my sister which was more sheer and metallic so I think it depends on what look you enjoy but definitely check it out this new pretty collection. They are like lollipops and you’ll want to take them ALL!

lorac lips with benefits

Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss Collection


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