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Remembering Selena Quintanilla-Perez

31 Mar

Selena was not only the one that inspired me to sing my heart out and want to have amazing legs, but she inspired a whole generation of females throughout the world.

Today marks the singer’s horrific death anniversary but no matter how many years pass, the public, her fans and the media somehow revive her spirit.

She was beautiful from the inside out, had a powerful voice, an amazing body and talk about rocking a sexy, red pout! This video highlights just one of her many great performances, with my two favorite songs.

Here’s to an amazing talent that has yet to be forgotten.


Guest Post – Cute Black Purse from The Loved One (Pasadena, Ca.)

31 Mar

Well folks, I can’t get to every cool thing out there! So after hearing my pal, Adriana, rave about this cute, black purse, I suggested she random review it! Check it out:

Lately I’ve been incredibly disappointed with the clothing and accessories that are available at major stores. The 90s are back, and while they may be cool to younger kids who were born then and don’t remember a thing, I’d like to forget about wide-legged pants, layered tube socks, and bandeau bra tops (think J-Lo when she was still Jennifer Lopez back in her In Living Color, Fly Girl days. I always do!).

My avoidance of all things 90s has led me to smaller vintage stores and boutiques, and today I found the best purse ever! Like most women, I carry half of the contents of my apartment in my purse, so I try not to buy anything too large because it will end up weighing 20lbs. Because of this I try to go for purses that are medium-sized with lots of compartments to help me organize everything, like this little gem:

At first it doesn’t look like anything special – it even looks a bit small. BUT! The beauty of it is in the expanding accordion-like center that divides the purse neatly into three different compartments. It has handy pockets on either side of the center compartments, as well as two zippered pockets hidden inside.  I love the gold clasps and think they add a bit of flair to the overall sleek style of the purse.

I knew I loved the purse when I bought it, but I have to say that I was very impressed when I realized how much stuff I could actually shove into it!

Yes those are dried mangos w/ chile…a girl has to snack!

Ignore the eyeshadow swatch on my hand! I swear it’s not dirt!

Amazing, right? It’s like magic! Unfortunately, if you like this purse there isn’t another like it (well, at least not at the store where I bought it) – which is one of the downsides of shopping at smaller vintage stores. Although, there were several other super cute purses there to choose from. If you’re ever in the Pasadena, CA area, check out The Loved One, at 2 E. Holly Street.

Adriana Perez





Ever since writing her first poem at 5-years-old, Adriana has had a flair for words which she is currently rediscovering. Getting back on the creative track hasn’t been easy for her, but she is now motivated by her new career in the Beauty Industry, as well as her love of all things makeup and skincare-related (she is a licensed esthetician). In her spare time she enjoys attending Rockabilly shows, as well as collecting tattoos, pretty dresses, beautiful heels, red lipstick, and black-winged eyeliner.


Spice Girls – Girl Power!

29 Mar
spice girls blog

Girl Power!

When the Spice Girls were popular back in the 90s and asking everyone to tell them what they want, I wanted nothing to do with them.

The un-stylish outifits, their ego-centric personas and the whole pop songs.

I was too busy with flower power , vintage stores and K-EARTH 101 (oldies station).

However, the little sister, who is now covered in tattoos and probably will never admit her obsession with the group, was ALL about the Spice Girls.. Her fave was Sporty Spice.

We even bought her Spice World and it made me livid to see that in our household.

Forward now to 2012, March 29th at 9am and I am singing “Spice Up Your Life” to my shaggy dawgy.

“Slam it to the left!”, I tell her and her ears prop up – “Shake it to the right”, I add and she groans a bit….

I walk away laughing then I start with the “la, la, la, la, la, la….”

Seriously? I’m singing Spice Girls and I’m actually having fun!

Once in a while, Spice Girls tunes will even be heard at my local gym – and without hesitation, I sing along while trying to focus on my squats.

Maybe it was my little sister’s obsession that has unconciously infused these songs into my memory.

Or maybe….I really did like the Spice Girls after all but was too cool to resign my hippie character.

The world may never know.

But if anyone asks, I’m Ginger Spice!

spice girls rolling stone blog review

Scary Spice, Baby Spice, Posh Spice, Ginger Spice, Sporty Spice

Natural Hawaiian Cocktail Body Wash Exfoliating Lava Flow

28 Mar

lava flow body wash alba botanica

Yes, that really is a long name for a body wash.

But if you want  to immerse yourself in the wonderful fragrance of gummy bears, then by all means, be my guest!

And yes! I did just say gummy bears!

When I first opened the bottle, the first image that came to my head was that of gummy bears – a pool full of them!

gummy bears

*image taken from Google*

This is a 100% vegetarian product, so it’s made with all sorts of goodness that is not harsh on the skin.

The substance is a bit..well no it does feel gel-like but when you leave the shower, you are taken a back to your childhood days when candy was a treat and not an enemy.

Random Reviews – Guadalajara, Tonala Edition

27 Mar

I’m back from my Mexican vacation and did nothing out of the ordinary. With such a hectic past quarter at school it was great to do absolutely nothing. Well except catch up on some reading and eat some homemade food.

Regardless of the mosquito attacks every night, I survived and managed to capture a few favorite things from my four-day trip:

Some of the landscape (let’s be honest, it’s Mexico and some areas are very poor but some are just beautiful)

driving to dad's house from the airport

my favorite pueblo to visit: Chapala

nothing but blue skies

TACOS! heller! it’s the holy land of the almighty Mexican delicacy! All accompanied with freshly made tortillas!

taco man preparing my late-night feast

tacos de birria de borrego

it's a smorgasbord!

The beer – you can drink it anywhere, anytime. But unlike Vegas, there aren’t people puking over the side of the road because of over-indulgence.

Micheladas, Rusas, Pina Coladas - you pick!

just one of the gazillion stands offering a refreshing alcoholic drink

Indio beer - your alternative to the Corona (honoring music genres)

Mexico is full of street vendors offering tasty treats. From steamed veggies sprinkled with lemon, salt and chili powder to mini pancakes made fresh, it’s easy to forget about calories while indulging in these goodies.

nieve de garafa (homemade ice cream made with real ingredients) walnut and mango here

grilled corn smothered with preferred ingredients (choose loose kernels in a cup or eat it straight on the cob)

best chips ----- EVER!

not a soda drinker, but this apple soda...gulp, gulp!

sweet pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) pt.1

sweet pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) pt.2

I did a LOT of reading my four days there and no magazine addict can go without catching up on hottest fashion/beauty trends.

I purchased a Mexican Glamour and it came in a plastic package full of free goodies and pamphlets.

While American Glamour focuses on celebrity trends and diet, this one was full-on designer fashion!

Glamour magazine Mexico

Must. Buy. Yearly. Subscription.

And what would Mexico be without music. Everywhere you went, there was a talented musician singing, playing an instrument or both.

Entertaining the crowd in Chapala

Serenading the taco eaters

musician family

The family that plays together, stays together.

There is definitely a lot more to do, eat and see in Guadalajara.

The next time, however, I must remember to be prepared with insect repellant because I do not look very sexy with mosquito bites on my forehead.

no to mosquitos

*image taken from Google*


Somebody That I Used to Know

26 Mar

I simply can not explain why I am obsessed with this song. It could be the beat, Gotye´s lyrics that are oh so true and piercing or Kimbra´s voice that illuminates the tone of the song or the artistic elements in the video…..or


Candy Ribbon Glossy Gloss – Sephora Collection

24 Mar

Here I go again!


I was enchanted to get this Candy Ribbon Glossy Gloss by Sephora.

sephora candy ribbon lip gloss

*image taken from*

But alas, the color on my lips was still no purple lurple lip gloss madness.

I did, however, like this new lip gloss tube, the size, length and the lip gloss effect.

The color was a HINT of lavender but it was mostly a light pink and more gloss than purple.

Still currently in Mexico with a small purse holding two important items: money (for impromptu taco runs) and of course, the purple lip gloss!