Bai-Plu Thai & Sushi Restaurant – Long Beach, Calif.

2 Mar

Whatever was on this plate was so good, I didn’t have enough time to take a pic of it cuz I ate it so fast.

It was called a samurai roll. And it was that good that the BF and I were secretly fighting for the last piece.

“You want the last piece?” says he. Me with puppy eyes as I look away, “You can take it if you want”. Him knowing I want it “Go ahead, eat it”. Me still with puppy eyes and hoping he wouldn’t listen “No it’s cool, you can have it”. Him STILL knowing how much I really want that last piece “It’s yours, eat it”.

So I did. Bam! No regrets. So freakin’ delish.

This spot, the Bai-Plu I like because they offer sushi and Thai food and a whole lot of items that there menu looks like a catalog! Anywho. The BF ordered a seafood soup, which I was not too happy about because I don’t prefer seafood (yet, I’m at a sushi restaurant eating raw fish…the irony…the BF would say). So this seafood soup arrives and I’m not too happy about it but I serve myself some because I don’t want to be a downer. And. It. Is.Amazing!

It was the best seafood soup I’ve ever had! Great flavors, not too fishy tasting and just enough spiciness to get my tear ducts working.

We also had another roll called the Hu La Hu La roll. Say that again. Hu-La-Hu-La. Now faster! Hula Hula! Ok I got this roll because I just liked the name. It’s retarded I  know. Let me get to this BEST part of this place:

DAILY specials yo!

The Bai-Plu is close to Cal State Long Beach, so they offer many specials that it’s easy to get full on the cheap. Do you see how many “FREE”s they have on there?

Bai-Plu Thai & Sushi Restaurant is a top pick if I’m the mood for some fusion. Two of the many of my fave things in ONE place. Awesome.

"no fish left behind" - the BF


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