Asian Butterfly MAC Lipglass

4 Mar

MAC purple lipglass

I told you I had some current obsession with PURPLE-colored lip products.

Today I made a trip to the MAC store to return a few empty components to get my free goodies.

Well, this was not a free goodie but it was a part of a new collection.

The collection is displayed upside down so the first thing you see is the color there on the bottom.

Instantly, I saw the purple and without question asked for one to purchase.

This gloss is very sheer, again like the other one. Almost translucent but does leave pretty sparkles behind.

There are mopurple MAC lipglassre beautiful shades available in the collection and I like the component of the gloss. It’s kinda like those Stila lip glosses that you twist at the bottom so that the liquid could come out where the brush is.

The cost is $19.00 and I think for the size and the brand and the finish – it’s definitely a must-buy!

Let me know if you come across any PURPLE lip products! So far the one’s I’ve been trying have had a light, sheer finish. I’m waiting for one that is going to leave my lips like a skittle!


mac lip glass asian butterfly

sheer, glossy finish - me likey!

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