Snookie’s Cookies – Glendale, Calif.

8 Mar

So I’m pulling out of a driveway after an interview and what do I see? A purple building that is screaming attention and then it reads Snookie’s Cookies! Are you kidding me!

snookies coookies glendale

from a distance

You know I just HAD to make my way over there and take a peek. I was kinda giggling the whole 5 seconds there. I mean Snookie’s cookies? That’s pretty funny, no? So I pull into the parking lot and I go inside to find nothing out of the ordinary just more purple, balloons and an assortment of just your regular ol’ cookies.

Before there was Jersey Shore’s Snookie, Hollywood had already been enamored with Snookie, the cookie lady, who began her company in 1983. The web site notes that their stardom rose from sending a batch to Rick Deez and the rest is history. They are now the leading cookie company for all major Hollywood production caterings.

snookies cookies glendale

I was first expecting to find offbeat cookie flavors or gourmet ingredients but they were simple, common cookies: oatmeal, chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, snookie doodles, etc. I ordered a chocolate chip, white chocolate chip and a snookie doodle, which I planned to save for the BF but I happened to eat them all. They are not hard and they are not soft – they are right in the middle with enough density that made this thee perfect dunk-in-your-milk cookie.

snookies cookies glendale

I also noticed that they were now offering ice cream sandwiches that you can create yourself! What a treat for those summer days approaching. The place was not packed at all and while the purple taking over the location creates a fun vibe, it is rather quite simple and normal. When I was driving back home munching on the chocolate chip cookie, I was still giggling at the thought of eating a snookie cookie. And that was the best experience for me. Who would’ve known! Snookie’s Cookies, hee-hee!

snookies cookies van glendale

offering cookie bouquet deliveries and catering

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