Fresh in the Box – Marina Del Rey, Calif.

11 Mar

fresh in the box marina del rey

Some days, you need a little peace and goodness in your life. And this week, was one of those days. Yes I am always on the lookout for great places to engorge in but I just wanted some good for me food. So I took a lunch break at Fresh in the Box in Marina Del Rey. I was first introduced to this place during the holidays last year and was impressed with their ramen soup that needed NO OTHER condiments! It was perfect as is! Crazy for a Mexican that is used to adding lemon and bloody amounts of chile to everything. All of their ingredients are organic and they serve their sushi rolls with brown rice y’all! They also offer fresh coconut water. I mean:




When you are done with the water, they kindly chop it up for you so you could eat the FRESH coconut! How cool is that!

The first time I went, I ordered the ramen soup and a shrimp roll. This time, since I’ve been on a cream cheese high, I ordered their fresh roll made with salmon, cucumber and avocado. Wow. I could definitely tell this was organic. The salmon tasted like…fish! I also ordered the ramen soup and went back to work with a healthy and happy belly.

organic sushi roll salmon

as fresh as it gets

organic ramen fresh marina del rey

the almighty ramen soup!

Besides the goodness being fed to you, the staff is super friendly and the ambiance is all Zen-like! I say perfect place to unwind during a work day.


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