Hotcakes Bakes – Los Angeles, Calif.

11 Mar
hotcake bakes tres leches cupcake

Joy to the ME!

How is it that this little tower of sugar can make me feel SUPER happy! I mean SUPER happy that a car almost crashed into me after getting this and I just smiled and said it’s ok. Cuz it was NOT ok but this could have been my LAST food to eat and I guess I would have died happy.

But I didn’t die. And in fact, I was able to make a SECOND trip to this bakery on the same day!!!

I had spotted Hotcakes Bakes and booked an appointment to visit in my planner. So the day came and I made my way in and oh boy. The place was small but it was full of cupcakes and it was Heaven. My first pick is always the red velvet, of course. Again with that cream cheese high or just food high for that matter.

So I walk in and see three different areas:

hotcakes bakes

Sample and Cookie Section

hotcakes bakes mini cupcakes

Mini Cupcake Extravaganza

hotcakes bakes cupcakes

Regular-Sized Cupcake Heaven

It was quite hard to decide what I wanted because I wanted it ALL…and I thought about how much I would spend and I thought how it would be ok and I thought about who I would eat this with and I thought about how I just wanted to eat them alone and I thought about how much sugar I would consume and I thought about how crazy I was for thinking all that I was thinking about.

I walk over to the regular-sized cupcake heaven section and I notice this prized area:


tres leches cupcake

Tres Leches Spicy Mango Cupcake with Horchata Icing

Ok first of all, this has all the fixings a Mexican place would offer.

Tres leches is a popular cake in the Hispanic community, most times soggy

because of all the cream in there. Horchata is our famed white, rice drink and come on! a mango with chili powder on top! Give me one of those right now! Well they did and I ate in about two bites – world record for me, two bites, one cupcake!

Ok well enough about me, Hotcakes Bakes was featured on Cupcake Wars and they WON! So of course this delectable treat would be a may-jer party in my mouth! It’s a winner in my book and more!

Anywhos. So good. I mean so good! Well different for the gal that always chooses the red velvet cupcake, know what I’m sayin’.

hotcakes bakes red velvet cupcake

Icing Much?

But regardless of how much that Tres Leches cupcake was, I still managed to get me-self a red velvet cupcake because, well, why wouldn’t I?


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