L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Collection

12 Mar

Have you seen the new L’Oreal collections? I mean their entire packaging and colors have evolved – they almost look like they should be selling at a department store. The bottle is shaped more modern, the top cap is a rustic gold matte and the type is very modern, chic. Ok, L’Oreal you are getting down!

I was browsing their nail collection and couldn’t help but want to take them all! They are the perfect colors for spring/summer and a few even for fall. And at $6.50 a pop, that isn’t bad at all meng!

loreal nail polishes colour riche

What’s even MORE great is that since they are sold at let’s say, Walgreens, Rite-Aid or CVS, they are bound to be on sale or have special offers (buy one, get one 50% off, ex). The quality is great and they are easy to remove. They are supposed to last you for 10-days but if you are constantly washing dishes, then they may not last that long. There are four different color stories created which explains the ultra light, to bright to ultra dark shades. Although I wanted to buy all gazillion, for some reason I opted for these three darker shades:

loreal nail polish

From left to right: VIP Status, After Hours, Greycian Goddess >> I think that totally defines how I was feeling at the moment haha!

VIP Status is shimmer, glitter greenish

After Hours is your midnight blue-black

Greycian Goddess is a nice lustre grey


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