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Lady (Hear Me Tonight) – Modjo

26 Apr

Congratulations to Queen Bey for being the most beautiful person – but it took all this time for People Magazine to realize that?!


Sounds like a celebration to me.

(don’t you just wana grab a hot pink feathered boa and shake yo’ little bootay?)

As Beyonce says “A little sweat ain’t never hurt no’bahdy!”


Sienna Miller – I Heart You

25 Apr

I mean, come on! This hippie chick is my fave thus far.

Let me introduce you to Sienna Miller if you haven’t noticed her yet.

She was once engaged to a Jude Law but homeboy cheated on her with the nanny and lost her (seriously, Jude-y!)

She was in the movie Alfie but I don’t even think she sparked my interest there…it was her fashion sense that appealed to me.

She is reminds me of this Bohemian Princess from the 70s – my kinda’ girl!

Boscia BB Cream

23 Apr
boscia bb cream

Boscia BB Cream

I had heard all the buzz about BB creams and didn’t exactly jump on the boat at that instant.

Finally, I think I understand what they are: essentially a all-in-one facial perfection cream.

The Boscia BB Cream I tried is a bit of my favorite right now for a few reasons but most importantly because I can wear that alone and look naturally beautiful.

According to the package, the Boscia BB Cream contains SPF and anti-aging factors and other ingredients that promise to:

  • hydrate, firm and soothe the skin
  • diminish appearance of pores and fine lines
  • even skintone

So instead of using my concealer, moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation and powder, I can use just this one product?

According to this Beautylish article, yes!

So far, so good.I’ve been wanting to cut back on my makeup and have a more simple and natural look and this BB cream helps me do just that.


Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate

20 Apr
kate somerville exfolikate


Funny thing this week. I scheduled to write about the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate today without knowing that I was going to meet her last night!

Sephora at the Glendale Americana had this mini event going on that featured Kate Somerville’s newest addition to her product line, and she actually showed up and met with everyone…how cool is that!

So back to the ExfoliKate >> GLOWING results!

Every time I use this product, I usually walk my dog after.(It’s just a routine thing: get up, brush teeth, wash face, walk dog, get ready, etc.).

So as I’m walking my dog, I’m not supposed to, but I can not stop touching my face. It feels so smooth and I honestly believe everyone driving by can also tell just how beautiful my skin feels and looks.

Now Kate Somerville is preh-tee popular amongst celebrities. And her procedures and treatments are all the rage. So to have a mini session at home with her products feels a bit luxurious. I really like using the ExfoliKate and see results instantly. Products from her line are a bit pricey but even a sample portion can last you for a while so as they say “It’s an investment for your face”. (I don’t really know who they are, but I’m sure I’ve heard that before, right?)

The actual product is green, has mini beads throughout for exfoliation. But you don’t just scrub and rinse. You are supposed to leave on your face for 2 minutes so that the enzymes can do their work and leave you RADIANT!

kate somerville sephora glendale

Kate Somerville and Me!

Why do I look so nervous?! Kate Somerville looks gorgeous and she complimented me on my outfit…little did she know my jeans felt super tight and my shirt…ugh…donating to the Goodwill.


Glad You Came – The Wanted

20 Apr

I am sure this song has came on the radio and I honestly changed the station. I don’t really know who The Wanted is but the other day this song came on my Pandora Calvin Harris radio and I let it play.
And I’m going to get a bit mushy here but it made me think of the BF and I grew a little school-girl crush on him. The beat is very playful and the words are kinda romantic don’t you think?

I met the BF at a club a few years ago. And according to him, he didn’t even want to go out that night because he was sick….but you know what:
I’m Glad You Came – to the club! (super cheesy…let me be!)
Because he usually makes dinner and that’s one of the reasons I have a healthy lunch almost every day.

Ok so there is my mushy, lovey-dovey post of the month. This song gave me good feelings and I love when songs do that…whether they give me lovey-dovey feelings, motivational feelings, I’m hella sexy feelings or whatever – good feelings 🙂

Jessica Biel’s Effortless Street Style

19 Apr

Jessica Biel is never really a celebrity I think of when I envision glamour. It sounds mean doesn’t it? But what I do like about her is that she is beautiful, low-key and NORMAL.

Some may argue that her body makes her un-normal. But what I mean when I say normal is how she dresses when she is out and about just being herself.

She does covet an amazing body, Justin Timberlake and much more money than I’ll ever have, yet she isn’t flashy or conceited about it and that is what I love.

She shines when she has to (red carpet style holler!) but overall, when she’s doing her thing (walking the dog, getting groceries, running errands I suppose), she always looks comfortable.

jessica biel casualjessica biel walking the dog

jessica biel casual

She always looks natural, no makeup, comfy flats, regular tees – I mean the girl is not screaming for the spotlight. And even next to JT, she still remains simple and natural:

jessica biel justin timberlakeOk so have you had enough of Biel? I by no means hate on her for one second (only when I’m feeling ugly then you’ll catch me rolling my eyes as I see her sultry on a magazine cover) but overall, I appreciate her look. And understand that sometimes, less IS more.

Uptown Girls

19 Apr

Brittany Murphy and a very young Dakota Fanning captivated me in this film.

Uptown Girls isn’t a movie that will change your life but to watch Dakota Fanning and her amazing talent or Brittany Murphy, who’s characters are always so colorful, keeps you glued into the film.

It wasn’t chick flick night, nor was I expecting to watch over an hour of TV last nite as I had a truckload of HW to complete.

But there is something magnetic about Brittany Murphy that you just don’t want to sway from.