Manes I Covet

4 Apr

I must have some addiction with hair color.

The first time I ever dyed my hair was on a summer vacation in Mexico. I came back home with black hair and red, burgundy-ish highlights. To which my step-dad asked, “who did you ask permission to dye your hair”. I had no answer but decided to dye my hair midnight black (blue-black) for a while during high school before I decided to do variations of red with blonde highlights.

Until recently have I ditched the red hair color and decided to do natural, auburn colors. However, I still find myself gazing at celebrity hair and going back and forth as to who’s color to try.

These are my top picks for ever:

jessica biels hair color

Jessica Biel





This is a version of the ombre look but it doesn’t take over her entire mane as others do…it is still present but look at how soft and chic this version looks.







scarlett johansson hair color

Scarlett Johansson






ScarJo is already gorgeous as is. But come on! Look at her va-va-voom gold locks! I want! I want bad!





drew barrymore hair red

Drew Barrymore


Drew baby! She hasn’t aged since E.T. Her blonde hair is her trademark but I think she looks even more rocker cool when she does the red tresses.









kate beckinsale hair color 2012

Kate Beckinsale



This is almost like the Biel look above. Natural auburn hair with some ombre-ish highlights. These are more thin than Biel’s though and they accent Kate Beckinsale very nice, nice-ly nice.








katy perry short blonde hair

Katy Perry


She was cute with black hair and somehow her blue hair suits her, but I ADORE this short, blonde shag with a hint of pink. It’s girly and not in a punky way.








My final pick and current obsession: Zooey Deschanel’s voluminous hair, shaggy bangs, dark hue and subtle highlights.

Super chic and sexy!


zooey deschanel hair color

Zooey Deschanel



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