Found! Purple Lips by Make Up For Ever Lip Products

7 Apr
make up for ever purple lipstick

N28 Purple

I have been on a mission to find THEE purple lipstick that would complement my skin but also give me a Skittles’ look.

And I did!

Last night, Make Up For Ever was at a preview event offering make up applications and I requested purple lips – without knowing if they even had purple lipstick.

But they did!

And so, the transformation began. From a natural, nude lip look to this buh-bam! purple fierce-ness.

It’s not so raver-looking, right! ….right?

The Make Up For Ever artist simply applied Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in PURPLE and topped it off with Lab Shine lip gloss in Amethyst.

makeup forever amethyst lip gloss

Can you see how much more pigmented this lip gloss is compared to another purple one I had?

The Make Up For Ever gloss in amethyst flared up my purple-lip look.

I must say. I am still not over the purple lip. Even after finding this product, something tells me I will always be enticed by a purple lip product.

Hopefully I won’t be 70 still wanting to rock the Skittles look…but if I am, I’ll be one hip grandma!


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