Guest Post – Kat Von D Eyeliner Pencil

7 Apr

Today’s post comes from the lady that conceived me: my MOMMA! Although I grew up trying on her heels and dresses, she now comes to me for beauty advice. It is common for her to take my sister’s makeup to claim as her own and yesterday she could not stop talking about some eyeliner she had “found” wondering where she could buy it later. After further investigation, I learned that she was referring to a Kat Von D eyeliner that came in the “Mi Vida Loca” palette I had given to my sister, yet somehow, it had “found” it’s way into my mother’s makeup collection.

kat von d mi vida loca

Mi Vida Loca Palette


Here, my mother, Isabel Munoz, tells you why she really likes the Kat Von D eyeliner:

“I like the eyeliner because I’ve been having problems with my skin. Every time I use liquid eyeliner, I get a rash and I found this eyeliner that is really nice and really dark. I tried other eyeliners but I always have to burn them so they could get dark, but this one is really good and it lasts long and I get a thin nice application look. I’m just happy that I found this one because I’ve been trying a lot of different ones from the stores, but I found this one in my drawer right there, somebody left it there so I’m happy with it and I just want to know where they sell it.”

As you can see, my mom is old-school (burning eyeliner tips?) and magically, she always “finds” makeup. She had been talking about this one for a while and I am glad I was able to figure out that it was the Kat Von D eyeliner because:

1) I ALSO have an eyeliner obsession (runs in the fam bam?)


2) my mother HAS been getting allergic reactions to many eye makeup products lately

Kat Von D has a variety of makeup palettes for a colorful or smokey eye look; each palette comes with a mini eyeliner. She also has the Autograph Pencil which is a creamy, waterproof eyeliner pencil made with no parabens.

isabel munoz

Isabel Munoz

Isabel Munoz is great at math problems and gets irritated when she has to write any essays. She is the best cook in the world and a salsa dancer master. She has taught her share of salsa dancing classes and when she is not practicing new steps, she enjoys eating Chinese food with her mother and taking spontaneous trips to the casino.


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