Bored to Death HBO Series

9 Apr

“Ted Danson’s Greatest Role!”

“A slap-knee funny series with a flair of intelligence!”

“I want more!”

bored to death seriesThese are not review clips from major publications or television critics.

These are my own reviews. And I concur.

I’m not the type to watch any sitcoms nor do I ever get into any type of series. What can I say, I have a bad sense of time so when I remind myself all day that Mad Men starts at 10pm and I wake up the next day at 7am, well you see what I mean?

So all I can do at this point is to just buy a season DVD months, possibly years after it has aired on T.V.

This past Friday, I was eager to get the second season of another great show only to learn that the second season had just finished so it was not even out yet!

Instead, I decided to get into another show. A random show. A show that I may be interested in. A show that would fill in that void from not watching shows like normal people do.

I came across “Bored to Death” – a show about a writer that lives in Manhattan, NY and moonlights as an unlicensed private detective.

In it stars Jason Schwartzman, the struggling writer that makes white wine a beverage staple in each scene.

Ted Danson plays an editor and downright hilarious!

Zach Galifianakis plays a role that is rightfully his.

Enough said. Two days later I’m here typing up this random review and planning a trip to pick up the second season of this series because season one: been watched!

bored to death hbo



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