HOME Restuarant – Silverlake, Ca.

11 Apr

The first time I met Home Restaurant in Silverlake, he gave me red velvet pancakes. Well actually, it was the BF that gave me red velvet pancakes because he took me.

Oh yeah! I did say red velvet pancakes:

red velvet pancake

And ever since then, this place has been a breakfast staple in my book!

I love how the ambiance at Home Restuarant is comfy and chill – gee, just like home.

The food is prepared with fresh and some healthy ingredients (soyrizo anyone?).

Even their chilaquiles, a Mexican staple, was delicious and having tried mostly everything on their breakfast menu, I stay very happy after a meal from Home.

breakfast quesadilla

Breakfast Quesadilla














What is more amazing is that one of their locations is really close to Griffith Park, so this makes a GREAT food spot after a good hike at the park.

Almost an exit away, you can fuel up on breakfast (as it is served all day) or have some of their popular sandwiches or burgers:

crispy onion burger home los angeles

Crispy Onion Burger (side salad)

chicken pomodoro sandwich

Chicken Pomodoro Sandwich (sweet potato fries side)



Home Good Home

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