Jessica Biel’s Effortless Street Style

19 Apr

Jessica Biel is never really a celebrity I think of when I envision glamour. It sounds mean doesn’t it? But what I do like about her is that she is beautiful, low-key and NORMAL.

Some may argue that her body makes her un-normal. But what I mean when I say normal is how she dresses when she is out and about just being herself.

She does covet an amazing body, Justin Timberlake and much more money than I’ll ever have, yet she isn’t flashy or conceited about it and that is what I love.

She shines when she has to (red carpet style holler!) but overall, when she’s doing her thing (walking the dog, getting groceries, running errands I suppose), she always looks comfortable.

jessica biel casualjessica biel walking the dog

jessica biel casual

She always looks natural, no makeup, comfy flats, regular tees – I mean the girl is not screaming for the spotlight. And even next to JT, she still remains simple and natural:

jessica biel justin timberlakeOk so have you had enough of Biel? I by no means hate on her for one second (only when I’m feeling ugly then you’ll catch me rolling my eyes as I see her sultry on a magazine cover) but overall, I appreciate her look. And understand that sometimes, less IS more.

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