Boscia BB Cream

23 Apr
boscia bb cream

Boscia BB Cream

I had heard all the buzz about BB creams and didn’t exactly jump on the boat at that instant.

Finally, I think I understand what they are: essentially a all-in-one facial perfection cream.

The Boscia BB Cream I tried is a bit of my favorite right now for a few reasons but most importantly because I can wear that alone and look naturally beautiful.

According to the package, the Boscia BB Cream contains SPF and anti-aging factors and other ingredients that promise to:

  • hydrate, firm and soothe the skin
  • diminish appearance of pores and fine lines
  • even skintone

So instead of using my concealer, moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation and powder, I can use just this one product?

According to this Beautylish article, yes!

So far, so good.I’ve been wanting to cut back on my makeup and have a more simple and natural look and this BB cream helps me do just that.



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