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Taking Over Cannes 2012 – Diane Kruger

30 May

Diane Kruger was certainly eye candy at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

How many amazing gowns did this woman have?!

She’s known to be a bit edgy with a huge sense of fashion couture – take a look at her Cannes fashion looks:

What is your favorite look?

diane kruger cannes

my FAVE dress!!

flowing blue dress

ethereal elegance

diane kruger mini

adding some mini funk to the place

wedding dress

laced out and girly

sparkly dress

sultry siren

diane kruger cannes 2012

Showing off the girls in CORAL

diane kruger cannes 2012

pouffed out drama


NARS Super Orgasm Blush

27 May

When it comes to blush, I am an ultimate hoarder. I still have blush with like, one application left because I love how they look in my makeup collection. That being said, I was surprised with myself that I did not have in my collection the ultimate blush, Nars Orgasm blush. So just recently I was browsing through the Sephora web site and came across the Orgasm blush.


I like to go above and beyond so when I saw that there was a SUPER ORGASM blush, well I didn’t even think twice as I clicked it into my shopping cart and checked out.

super orgasm blush

Finally, I own some piece of NARS

nars orgasm super blush

Gold speckles throughout…

So what do I think about Super Orgasm vs. Orgasm? I like the gold speckles it has but I can use that more for a dramatic flair instead of a natural look. According to the NARS web site, the regular Orgasm is a “peachy pink with golden SHIMMER” and the Super Orgasm is “peachy pink with gold GLITTER”. And since the glitter seems to take over, what I like to do is put on my regular blush and then dab a bit of the NARS Super Orgasm over for a little glitter goodness.

nars orgasm blush

Up Close ‘n Personal (

La J.Lo’s Vampy Look

25 May

How does one master the sultry JLO gaze?

Typically, Miss Lopez parades a bronze, nude makeup look. And who could blame her – with a gorge figure and eye-catching outfits, she doesn’t need much other attention on her face.

But at the recent premiere for What to Expect When You’re Expecting, we certainly were NOT expecting this bold makeup look!

I am digging the dark lip shade and subtle yet fierce eye makeup. I’m not a fan of bright lipstick but somehow I got an itchin’ to try out a bold, dark look like this.

Thank you JLO, yet again, for another fierce beauty look we will now be replicating in hopes to feel just a tad bit saucy………….


LoLo Jones

23 May

After watching a mini documentary on Lolo Jones last nite, I have added her to my list of awe-inspiring chicas!

lori jones

Lori “Lola” Jones

While I’m always intrigued with celebrity glamour and what have you, Lolo Jones introduced a different level of beauty that I had not searched for in the past. Better known as a phenomenon in the track and field world, she is the American record holder in the 60m hurdles with a time of 7.72 (Wiki). Now I don’t know exactly what that means but I did see her in action while watching this short documentary and was just uh-mazed with her capabilities, humble confidence and survivor mentality. You see, Lolo Jones grew up in a basement of a Salvation Army shelter. She often stole TV dinners so that her and her brothers could eat and she worked her ass off in high school to be fortunate enough to get a scholarship so that she could finally enjoy a normal life.

Today, Lolo Jones continues to train and amidst her unfortunate loss at 2008 Beijing Olympics (she tripped on a hurdle, leaving her in 7th place), she is a positive role model for girls everywhere. Except with celebrities and TV stars taking over the media, how can we give her the props she deserves?

lolo jones

I’ve never looked that happy after a run…

This girl is beautiful – inside and out. Just recently Lolo Jones tweeted her virgin status, unafraid to admit that it has been a somewhat harder feat than training. And during the documentary, they showcase the numerous family gatherings she sets up in her home. Homegirl did not let her childhood keep her from greatness and instead grew a willingness to use the only thing she had to succeed: herself.  Because of her strong morals and dedicated endurance, I am happy to be a LOLA fan – thank you for being an inspiration, Lola Jones!


The Original Pantry Cafe- Downtown L.A.

20 May
original pantry cafe breakfast

Greetings from The Original Pantry Cafe!

There’s usually a line out to Timbucktooroni just to take a part of the breakfast experience at The Original Pantry Cafe in downtown L.A. If it wasn’t for Saturday classes, I would have never learned about this place. The first thing I had heard about The Original Pantry was that the portions were huge, it was kinda pricey but “you get your money’s worth”. Well that was all fine and dandy but I’m not such a huge fan of waiting in line for 2o years for some ham ‘n eggs.

This past week, I had a day off and right away I thought of The Original Pantry Cafe. Perhaps I wouldn’t have to stand in line, and just in case I did, I had a back-up plan. So the BF and I made our way to downtown and yes! NO LINE! we went right into this locale that was nothing different than any other mom and pop shop in our neighborhood. However, The Original Pantry Cafe had history. Since 1924, this cafe had offered millions a good ‘ol fashioned, simple breakfast. No salmon or California omeletts, no brown sugar french toast or sparkling mimosas – just eggs, meat, potatoes and pancakes.

original pantry menu

saving your change is encouraged

The location is opened 24/7 and with “tradition” only CASH is accepted. Say wuhh? In this fast day in age where we can now use our cell phones to pay, The Original Pantry Cafe has remained simple and original offering meals that are deliciously comforting. I ordered me some ham ‘n eggs with potatoes that are full of flavor. Again, no bell peppers or onions – just pah-tay-tas! The BF had a side of pancakes that I ignored at first but oh boy! NO SYRUP needed! How did these place master soft and sweet pancakes???

Obviously a downtown landmark, The Original Pantry Cafe offers a genuine atmosphere without the “fluff”.

original pantry cafe food

did someone say breakfast??

Donna Summer – the Disco Momma

18 May

Growing up, I often felt like the Cinderella of the house, cleaning away wondering why nobody else was suffering the way I was: broom and all. But there were those times I didn’t mind scrubbing the floor or sweeping the back yard because I had great people to keep me company. And one of them was the astonishing Donna Summer. At 10 years-old, I found her CD in my step-dad’s collection and decided to give disco a try. So there I was, wearing bright green shorts, my chanclas (sandals) and whatever old shirt I could find dancing and singing along to “Bad Girls” while cleaning the house:

“Hey, mista, have you got a dime? Beep, Beep…Aha!”


I was so sad yesterday after hearing the news of her death. I had memorized all of her songs (can you imagine a 10-year-old singing “Love to Love You, Baby“?) and even created dance routines for my favorites songs. Well that was when I was 10 and after cleaning the bathroom for a while, I would stop and bust out some moves while singing alongside my Disco Queen.

the CD that introduced me to Disco

Donna Summer was the first artist to have scored three No. 1 double albums. She also had 3 Multi-Platinum albums in the U.S. and was the first female African American to receive an MTV Video Music Awards nomination. Donna Summer received 5 Grammys and according to Billboard Magazine, she was the eighth most successful female recording artist in history!

donna summer grammy

RIP Disco Queen


Shakira – Antes De Las Seis

17 May

Before Shakira dyed her hair blonde and introduced her hips to the world, she was a brunette rockstar in the Spanish community. This live performance reminds me why I’m such a fan.

Her lyrics are undoubtedly poetic and her voice contains so much power. Whether you understand Spanish or not, you’ll agree that her voice is a gem in this live performance. Did you read that? I said LIVE performance – not many artists can sound as good live as on their CDs.

I will always prefer Shakira’s Spanish songs but I will never underestimate the power of her voice.