The Last Bookstore – Downtown Los Angeles

3 May

The one thing I hate about going to school is getting bombarded with HW. 2nd of all, my eating routine gets all whack! (craving Twix and cornuts at 9am, anyone? but most of all, is the fact that I don’t get to read the things that I, Nancy Mora, would like to read. Maybe the 200 pages you have assigned to me teacher are really beneficial for my future, but come on, The Hunger Games are out on Amazon and everybody’s reading them except me. (crying)

Well, since Borders decided to lock up their stores and go on a permanent vacation, my nearest bookstore happens to be a SUPER, DUPER cool one! It’s a bookstore, it’s a coffee shop and it’s a mini venue. I love it!Used and new books are sold, as well as your non-mass magazine selections and even some paper zines that people create on their own. This is hip city to its finest folks and walking into this gem of a bookstore is an experience on its own. Dwell on this:

the last bookstore downtown

Let me introduce you to my party people

the last bookstore downtown

what do you feel like reading today?

vinyl selection

vinyl selection

coffe shop bookstore downtown la

hidden coffee bar towards the back

the last bookstore downtown

do you fancy reading?

the last bookstore

relax and feed your brain

the last bookstore downtown

what a bargain!

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