Guest Post – Laid Brand Professional Hair Care

7 May

Lately, hair products have been going through major changes. As you’ll notice some brands are depleting bad-for-you ingredients while others are infusing innovative ingredients. Check out below for a guest review on Laid hair care products:

“I am a product junkie, so imagine my excitement when I was offered to sample Laid Brand’s Luscious Locks products! It’s a brand I haven’t tried before and it has a sexy twist – human pheromones! Now, I was a little apprehensive to try something that comes from…well…a human, but after learning that the products are sulfate and paraben-free I thought I would give it a try.

Let me just say – I love it! Luscious Locks is targeted specifically to dry/damaged hair and while my hair isn’t dry, I do find my ends get fried after straightening it everyday. The shampoo and conditioner hydrate without leaving my hair feeling weighed down. I attribute this to the brand’s use of glycerin and fruit oils instead of gross, heavy silicones. The conditioner also contains menthol, which makes you feel all tingly when you use it!

Now about those pheromones…Laid Brand specializes in the trademarked use of “Pherottraction” technology. All the products feature a custom blend of pheromones for both men and women. While I did not attract anyone in particular, I did get compliments on how smooth and shiny my hair was. That means a product works in my book! According to Laid Brand’s website , as well as being sulfate and paraben- free, the packaging is recycled and none of the products were tested on animals. Yay!

If you like what you’ve read, and live in the LA area; check out this Laid Brand Hair Care event hosted by Metal Kettle PR!”


Alicia Caudillo

Alicia is a Beauty Industry

Merchandising & Marketing

student at FIDM.

One Response to “Guest Post – Laid Brand Professional Hair Care”

  1. David L. Hensley May 7, 2012 at 11:17 pm #

    Super excited that you love the products…! It’s such a great feeling when you and your hair feel ‘PHEROfabulous’ THANK YOU Again…!!!

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