Missing Mom’s Comfort Food – Baja Playa Mexican Restaurant

7 May

When you first move out, you automatically want to throw a party and celebrate your freedom. Having a fridge stocked with alcoholic beverages and perhaps boxes of microwaved goods may be a weekly ritual because you are living life through your own rules. But after a few days of independent living, you may find yourself craving mom’s good ‘ole food.

Growing up with Mexican parents, refried beans were a weekly side item. And once you move out and attempt to make them on your own, you realize just how special this staple is because no matter where you go, they will never EVER taste likes mom’s.

Every time I visit mom or step-dad’s place, the first question I have is: “Do you have any beans?”. Some of you are confused, others disgusted and a few know exactly what I mean (whether it be refried beans or whatever signature item your mom always made). So this Sunday I woke up to an instant craving of mom’s refried beans. Unfortunately, mom was at church. So I Yelped “refried beans” into my smartphone and a few options came up. I decided to try a nearby hole-in-the-wall which proved to become my new “it” spot for Mexican food.

Baja Playa Mexican Restaurant has two locations – in very close proximity of each other in the city of Montebello, Calif. The one I visited was Baja Playa #1 and while the decor was not upscale in any way whatsoever, it was the simple goodness of the food and the variety of choices that made my heart melt. Of course, their beans were still not up to par with mom’s but it sure made for a nearby escape to indulge in some home-made replicas.

Chilaquiles Breakfast Platter w/ Asada —- the works!



2 Responses to “Missing Mom’s Comfort Food – Baja Playa Mexican Restaurant”

  1. I.l. Yagual May 12, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    The dish looks amazing! If you had a choice which three dishes are your favorite?

    • panchamora May 12, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

      I would definitely say my mom’s milanesa, her posole and her lomo 🙂

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