Bdellium Tools, Eco-Friendly Makeup Brushes

14 May

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? If you’re a makeup artist, then the answer might be, hmmm, every other minute – I hope! But if you’re a regular gal that likes to wear makeup but also has to get out of the house quickly in the morning because of a one-hour work commute, cleaning your makeup brushes may not be a daily task. I bought this spray cleanser for makeup brushes but the fact of the reality remained…how clean were my brushes? So then I used a regular soak brush cleanser and wow! My makeup brushes were filthy! I didn’t even remember that one of my brushes had green tips due to all the makeup residue. So the lesson was this: my spray-on brush cleanser was not doing the best job. But again, I don’t have time to clean my makeup brushes every day or every morning.

This is why Bdellium Tools comes into place. They are professional makeup brushes that are:

bdellium makeup brushes

I treated myself at the L.A. Makeup Show

1) Anti-bacterial


2) Eco-friendly


3) Yellow (my fave color)

Bdellium Tools has five different product lines: Maestro Series, Studio Line, Travel Line, Green Bambu and Yellow Bambu.

All of their brushes are created with natural and/or synthetic hair. Their BAMBU series brushes are the eco-friendly series that feature sustainable bamboo handles and all vegan soft synthetic bristles and an anodized aluminum ferrule.

Not all of their brushes are yellow (in case you are not a fan of the sunshine color). They also have black brushes – the Maestro Series. Bdellium Tools are actually affordable and can be purchased alone or in sets.

(image taken from web site)

For the girl who doesn’t always have time to clean her makeup brushes but cares about what goes on her face, Bdellium Tools eases the pressure just a bit with their anti-bacterial brush sets.

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