Dr. Brandt’s Signature BB Cream

14 Jun

I recently signed up for the New  Beauty’s Test Tube sampling program. Sooner than later, I get this hot pink package in the mail FULL of amazing beauty goodies, including the New Beauty magazine. Ok so before you get super jealous of me, I just want to share one of the goodies I’ve been using and loving:

Dr. Brandt’s Signature BB cream with flexitone

bb cream dr brandt

color blending complexion enhancement technology (drbrandtskincare.com)

I know there was or has been an explosion of BB creams but I didn’t jump on that trend immediately. I didn’t really understand how BB creams worked but after trying Dr. Brandt’s BB cream, I want to look natural everyday! Like the Boscia BB cream I discussed a while back, BB creams do provide a beautiful finish and do more than just cover up flaws:

  • moisturize
  • protect against the effects of aging
  • revitalize the skin
  • brightens the skin
  • UV-protection

Dr. Brandt’s BB cream leaves a really smooth finish. I have been using it daily for a natural, no makeup look. It blends pretty good with my skin color and I feel like it lasts mostly all day. What is also really cool and different is that this BB cream has this flexitone, a color blending technology that is supposed to enhance your complexion – I think it’s that radiance I see after I put it on in the morning.

I’m hoping this little sample tube of wonders does not finish on me too soon. Let’s see what amazing products my next New Beauty test tube will introduce me to!


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