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Heart-Shaped Sunglasses!

17 Aug

drew barrymore heart shaped sunglasses

They say age ain’t nothin’ but a number. And yet, here I am trying to buy clothes and accessories that are mature, age appropriate and sup-fisticated.

HOWEVER! I am a sucker for cute things. I am, above all a girl, a girl that wants to secretly fill my room with teddy bears and cupcakes and bright pink colored items and pearls and lace. Then you have Drew Barrymore, preggo, casual and sporthing these heart-shaped sunglasses!

Not the transition I was hoping for but you get the point. She makes it look so cool and cute and awesome to wear a pair of shades I would have only owned in my elementary days.


Kate Beckinsale’s “Serpent Goddess” Look

8 Aug

I’ve been extremely busy working on blogs for other amazing companies that I totally fell behind on my own creation. I apologize to all of my followers for not keeping up-to-date with the latest most awesomest random things I’ve encountered because trust…there have been a LOT! But I wasn’t sure where to start again until I saw the images of Kate Beckinsale at her Total Recall movie premiere.

How old is this fierce foxy lady cuz when I reach that age I want to make sure I look.Just.Like.Her! Her skin was a-glowing and her dress was phenomenal. It was celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern who worked with Kate Beckinsale to give her what is being called a “serpent goddess” look:

Stern used a variety of products but to get that glow, she used NYX’s Illuminating Bronzer in Magnetic on her high cheek bones to “reflect the light”.

I like how subtle and natural she looks but amazingly subtle and natural. There’s a radiance within her that could be from the bronzer but overall, this woman looks gorge!