About Your Random Review Girl

I am an avid nacho eater and beauty connoisseur.  My dawgy is a sparkle to my heart and even though she randomly poops on my rug at night, she is always welcome into my bed for cuddle sessions  I enjoy sharing my random ideas and listening to life-changing tunes.  I am inspired by all things ‘awesome’ and I am secretly obsessed with Beyonce (oops!).

Nancy "Pancha" Mora

If you’re like me, you definitely refer to reviews before purchasing a product or seeking out a place to eat.  But if you are also like me, you get overwhelmed by all the reviews and by the end of reading about a gazillion of them – still have no clear decision on what to do.

Welcome to Random Reviews, a site where I post, yes, random reviews on random products, food, places, movies, music – pretty much anything that tickles my fancy.  Some places may be local to you, some items may be irrelevant but regardless, I will review its awesomeness! Sorry, no negative remarks here; if you don’t like a product or place I review, keep it to yourself.  BUT! if you want to suggest something I may find ultra cool, let me know. I like to find things that add to my instant happiness thermometer and so if they are listed here on my blog, that may mean that you may want to also check them out!


2 Responses to “About Your Random Review Girl”

  1. F. S. July 12, 2012 at 10:27 pm #

    What is a good email to reach you at to suggest a book review?

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