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Limited Edition Bohemia Beer – Frida Kahlo

5 Feb

Feast your eyes on THIS:

Limited Edition

You know, I wasn’t even looking to pick this up to drink. I was actually making a pit stop at the corner liquor store to buy a beer for the beer mac n’ cheese I just finished making (I know!). I was going to use Fat Tire but there was none so the BF chose this one because “it’s good to drink”. Seconds after he pulled it out of the fridge, he noted the Frida Kahlo tribute.

Me and Frida do not go way back. I’ve seen her images here and there, I’ve heard about her paintings and I’ve seen her movie – well five minutes of it only. But just recently, after telling the BF I didn’t know what the big deal about her was, the movie was playing on TV. On that SAME day, just an hour or so later! (weird huh?) So I watched the entirety of the movie this time and I was BLOWN away. Excuse me for my ignorance, Ms. Frida, because homegirl had guts and passion that some of us wish we had. I admired her after that and felt utterly ashamed for my ‘don’t know what the big deal is’ comment made earlier that day. And who would’ve known that I was going to need a beer one day with none other than Frida Kahlo.

Oh and yes, the BF was right…it was good to drink.