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Baby Got Back…But What Else Is New?

9 May

Mama Bey made headlines after proving to the world that bearing a child bumps you up on the hottness factor.

I mean, she’s already made numerous nominations for ‘most beautiful’ on my list but at last nite’s Met Gala, she was seriously one hott mama!

Usually suited up in sexy, classic pieces, Beyonce displayed some skin and gave more than a glimpse on one of her most infamous assets.

But Mama Bey knows how to stay classy pairing this Givenchy couture gown with a sleek ponytail and soft peach lips.

Many online sources are giving this a WORST dressed nomination – but I like the sheer  accents, the intricate details and the purple flair.

Purple is meant for royalty, rightfully worn so!

beyonce met gala 2012

Beyonce in Givenchy


Beyonce plus One

13 Mar
beyonce with baby blue ivy

Mrs. Hot Pants (image taken from

Beyonce sure knows how to make motherhood look cool.

She’s sporting a little John Lennon action with those shades.

Gotta keep it real with her hoops.

And I’m loving the hat and blazer look to tone down her patterned pantsuit (?).

Her lips have a hint of pink that adds a little bit of chic and girly persona.

And with baby Blue Ivy in sight, she makes the perfect accessory.

Beyonce’s Maternity Style

5 Mar
beyonce with baby blue ivy

Queen B with Baby B

Beyonce has been out of the limelight since giving birth to baby Blue Ivy and I’ve been needing a bit of Beyonce therapy. So I just wanted to post a few of my fave maternity styles from Mrs. Sasha Fierce, who proves that pregnancy is not just about morning sickness and cravings. Hello, Sexy!

beyonce leg

I really love this look on Beyonce. Little did we know, but she was already giving us a glimpse of what was to come (blue blazer, blue dress). The sequins and the glitter are ideal for this diva but the side ponytail took it down a notch to capture a sweet, pregnant, glam look.







I love how casual but chic she looks here. Cuffed jeans that totally accentuate her figure. The hat is my fave accessory on her. And girl can work those heels.








Again, with the blue here. Ah, Beyonce. She’s a sneaky one. Anywho, all up in her black with a splash of color. Love it. I want her bangs. They look so sleek and perfect.









If you’re sexy and you know it, strut your stuff. And that’s exactly what she did. Pregnancy doesn’t stop this diva from putting on a tight, mini dress.








I LOVE, LOVE this look! super comfy but still looking glam. Long, loose sweater over a slim, black dress, fierce heels and a bun.










I would have to say…one of the FEW times we see Bey’ with no heels. She looks very natural here. Curly hair, casual outfit, simple sandals. She looks simple and blends in with us normal folk.










And finally, this is my fave outfit. The sequined pants and low cut blazer is the sort of glitz I want to wear err’day. She makes it look so classy and sexy.








That’s my Beyonce fix for the day. I really can’t wait to see her out and about looking fly as usual with baby Blue on her side.

I love thee, L’Oreal Lineur Intense Eyeliner

15 Feb

Seriously, if I were stranded on an island and I could only have ONE beauty item, it would definitely be a black, liquid eyeliner!

loreal black eyeliner

my go-to choice

I remember when the thought of applying it would make me super nervous.  I first practiced on my little sister: I had her lay down on the floor because I thought it would be easier to apply, like drawing on a piece of paper instead I was drawing on my sister’s face.

And it worked. 

Since then, my eyeliner is my weapon of choice, my alter-ego and my signature mark.

I personally prefer liquid eyeliner because I do a variety of eyeliner styles and so I think this is easiest to use.

The L’Oreal Lineur Intense Eyeliner is my best find because it lasts me for a while and the tip is just like a marker.  The tip is not too hard and it allows me to apply a thin or thick liner application.

loreal lineur intense eyeliner

easy to hold

loreal lineur intense liner

perfect to create a variety of looks

Here are a few of my fave eyeliner looks:


beyonce eyeliner


bridget bardot eyeliner

Brigitte Bardot

eva mendes makeup

Eva Mendes

Which eyeliner do you like to use?

Beyonce Post-Baby

7 Feb

Queen B has finally stepped out.  I’m glad because I was actually starting to miss her.  Did I tell you that I’m secretly obsessed with Beyonce? (Shhh!)

She always accomplishes to exude such glamour with subdued sex appeal.

I love the fact that she is wearing orange again – the same dress color we’ll remember her baby bump announcement.

And what proud momma wouldn’t be sportin’ some kind of tribute to their baybee:

BLUE ivy nails