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Natural Hawaiian Cocktail Body Wash Exfoliating Lava Flow

28 Mar

lava flow body wash alba botanica

Yes, that really is a long name for a body wash.

But if you want  to immerse yourself in the wonderful fragrance of gummy bears, then by all means, be my guest!

And yes! I did just say gummy bears!

When I first opened the bottle, the first image that came to my head was that of gummy bears – a pool full of them!

gummy bears

*image taken from Google*

This is a 100% vegetarian product, so it’s made with all sorts of goodness that is not harsh on the skin.

The substance is a bit..well no it does feel gel-like but when you leave the shower, you are taken a back to your childhood days when candy was a treat and not an enemy.


Yes to Carrots Body Butter

29 Jan

I’ve been a bit curious to try this brand and it’s funny that I was just talking about this with a friend.  Next day after the conversation, I walked into a Walgreens and Yes to Carrots! brand was ‘buy one, get one half off’.

So of course, I picked out a product for myself and decided to get this body butter for the BF, who has very dry, itchy skin –  so that it makes him irritably uncomfortable. For a while, we were using Dream Cream from Lush and it really was moisturizing but we ran out and the nearest location is sometimes a bit too far.
We are always trying new products and this really stood out because it said it contained pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots and dead sea minerals.  I wanna say that I almost purchased this product because it sounded good; I have never came across a product with those ingredients, so I was happy to drive back home with this product.

The body butter does not leave a greasy feeling; it leaves a soft finish and the BF is enjoying it.  I truly enjoy the smell; it’s a bit powdery but mild.