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Rocky the Movie – An Undercover Love Story

16 May

Rocky ‘n Adrian

Ok! So you think Rocky you think the “Italian Stallion” or that epic scene of him jogging up those stairs. Notice how I speak so nonchalant > those stairs? Anywho. This weekend the BF glued into Rocky the movie as it was showing on TV. My first thought was great, a guy movie. But all of a sudden, Rocky was having his first date with Adrian and being totally into her and that’s where I glued in. Adrian’s character was wearing this cute little beanie and oh my! I must have the UBER cute glasses she was wearing. Her character was in Rocky’s apartment and he was enthusiasticly showing off his childhood pics. Now Adrian had never been in a guy’s apartment before so she was ready to dash out but Rocky came up to her, kissed her and the rest is movie history.

I feel like I wasted my Rocky-viewing days as a youngin’. The entire time I was focused on Rocky the boxer, not Rocky the lover. While everyone recognizes Rocky’s love with his infamous “Yo, Adrian!”- my favorite part of the movie is when Rocky accepts to fight Apollo Creed for the Heavyweight Championship belt. Rocky attends a press conference introducing the match but before he steps off the podium, he says:

“I just want to say hi to my girlfriend, OK? Yo, Adrian! It’s me, Rocky.”

Giving your girl a shot-out on national TV definitely showcases your mad love. And “It’s me, Rocky” – just in case Adrian unexpectedly forgot his name. Call me a hopeless romantic but I totally fall for cheesy lines like that…they give me goosebumps. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish watching the movie because I had to go celebrate my momma’s day, but I haven’t stopped thinking about the tender love scenes between Rocky and Adrian, truly an epic movie romance that never occurred to me.

In conclusion, I just want to say hi to my boyfriend, OK? Yo, Frank! It’s me, Nancy.”


Gwen’s Pink Strands – Return of Saturn Era

7 May

Just recently, Lauren Conrad stepped out with the girliest, pink strands I’ve ever seen.

When you think punk-colored hair, you usually picture a rockstar of some sort, like Gwen Stefani.

Dude! Gwen Stefani is the total bad-ass chick I wanted to be. But growing up with a super strict step-dad and being perhaps three times rounder than Gwen, it was impossible for me to clone her image. When Return of Saturn came out, one of my close friends actually went to a store to pick up a few CDs to qualify for tickets to a later concert – remember those days, when going to the store when an album came out was actually memorable?!

So the next day at school, I bought one of these extra CDs she got and was instantly wowed with Gwen’s hot pink hair:

no doubt return of saturn

The look was cute, punk, girly and TOTAL rockstar! I loved it and when “New” came out, her hot-pink tips was an epic moment for me. Well, I didn’t really do anything about it (remember the SUPER strict-dad?) but I had made a pact with myself that one day, I would try the look before I died. So, at 28 the only color hue I’ve tried is a dark purple that sorda hid beneath a dark brown color and the pact I had made for myself, not yet accomplished. So I hope you know where I’m going:

Recently, a little something got me to google “gwen stefani pink hair” and it took me back to my little pact with myself. It may just be the last chance I get to pull it off before I enter the “professional” field. Totally loved the look on her, but now is it something I can pull of on me? There’s only one way to find out….stay tuned!

gwen stefani hair pink

Uptown Girls

19 Apr

Brittany Murphy and a very young Dakota Fanning captivated me in this film.

Uptown Girls isn’t a movie that will change your life but to watch Dakota Fanning and her amazing talent or Brittany Murphy, who’s characters are always so colorful, keeps you glued into the film.

It wasn’t chick flick night, nor was I expecting to watch over an hour of TV last nite as I had a truckload of HW to complete.

But there is something magnetic about Brittany Murphy that you just don’t want to sway from.




Gotta Have Faith (Limp Bizkit)

5 Apr

Somehow this song has creeped up on my playlist.
Actually, I lie. Not somehow. I deliberately went online to download this song because frankly, it makes me feel good. From the beginning fun beats to the hard-core rock out beats at the end, I friggin’ love it. Heck, I used to own the Limp Bizkit CD when I was in high school. And then, I went on to own the second Limp Bizkit CD. I’m not ashamed. I admit it. I went crazy for Limp Bizkit and it was all due to this song, or video at the time, when Total Request Live showed the entire top ten videos.

Spice Girls – Girl Power!

29 Mar
spice girls blog

Girl Power!

When the Spice Girls were popular back in the 90s and asking everyone to tell them what they want, I wanted nothing to do with them.

The un-stylish outifits, their ego-centric personas and the whole pop songs.

I was too busy with flower power , vintage stores and K-EARTH 101 (oldies station).

However, the little sister, who is now covered in tattoos and probably will never admit her obsession with the group, was ALL about the Spice Girls.. Her fave was Sporty Spice.

We even bought her Spice World and it made me livid to see that in our household.

Forward now to 2012, March 29th at 9am and I am singing “Spice Up Your Life” to my shaggy dawgy.

“Slam it to the left!”, I tell her and her ears prop up – “Shake it to the right”, I add and she groans a bit….

I walk away laughing then I start with the “la, la, la, la, la, la….”

Seriously? I’m singing Spice Girls and I’m actually having fun!

Once in a while, Spice Girls tunes will even be heard at my local gym – and without hesitation, I sing along while trying to focus on my squats.

Maybe it was my little sister’s obsession that has unconciously infused these songs into my memory.

Or maybe….I really did like the Spice Girls after all but was too cool to resign my hippie character.

The world may never know.

But if anyone asks, I’m Ginger Spice!

spice girls rolling stone blog review

Scary Spice, Baby Spice, Posh Spice, Ginger Spice, Sporty Spice