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Obsessed: Seychelles Footwear

15 Jun
seychelles heels


I hope this isn’t weird. But I’ve become a little obsessed with Seychelles‘ shoes. I don’t own a pair. But I check out their web site: EVERY DAY. Hello, my name is Nancy and I am stalking your shoes. Happy Thursday.

I love their unique style and too-cute looks! I want to put every pair into my online shopping cart but something always holds me back. It could be the monthly rent I have to pay or the student loans that are starting to come through. Whatever it is, I must find an end to this. Not an end to Seychelles, but an end to my daily viewing of their site pages and picturing me wearing them with my outfit. Their heels have a signature heel and oh-so-cute designs. They are a bit reminiscent of vintage styles. They describe their shoes made for the “girl with a different point of view: independent and romantic, with a sharp eye for mixing the best vintage elements with modern designs.” I don’t know about you but that means Seychelles shoes and moi, we are soul mates gurl!

I mean…..just look:

seychelles heels

Wedding Heels

seychelles booties

Rocker Heels

seychelles wedges

Picnic Wedges

Can you honestly blame me? And it doesn’t help that I am subscribed to their Facebook page, THUS, I get daily updates of other cool chicks sporting their heels or images of their newest additions to a collection. Ugh. I have to totally just DO IT! Just buy myself some Seychelles shoes and get it over with. I mean, they are the ones that came up with these:

seychelles shoes

Pretty in Pink Heels

seychelles booties heels

Party Girl Heels

seychelles heels black and gold

Glam Heels

OK! that’s enough! I can’t take this anymore. I will be buying a pair this week and perhaps I’ll write a random review about them because sweet chili cheese soup bowl! They are just gorgeous. Aside from unique heels and wedges, Seychelles also offers sandals, flats, boots and WEDDING heels. Sigh. I’m totally obsessed.

P.S. the captions aren’t their real names – those are the names I describe their look to be (according to Me)