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Horchata – a song by Vampire Weekend

10 Sep

I happened to Google “What is horchata?” and a Yahoo answer caught my eye:

“What does horchata taste like?”

The answer given to him:

Horchata varies in taste across Latin America. Although the drinks may share the same name, the flavor of each is unique to its country of origin.

So Yahoo user…what DOES horchata taste like? Heaven. Sweet Heaven with a side of nap. You know that five minute nap where you managed to get a short dream in and wake up feeling recharged? Well that.

I am Hispanic and have had a large share of horchatas but this song Horchata I have not. Yet somehow, Vampire Weekend managed to create a melody that described my very own horchata flavor: sweet heaven with a side of nap.


Lady (Hear Me Tonight) – Modjo

26 Apr

Congratulations to Queen Bey for being the most beautiful person – but it took all this time for People Magazine to realize that?!


Sounds like a celebration to me.

(don’t you just wana grab a hot pink feathered boa and shake yo’ little bootay?)

As Beyonce says “A little sweat ain’t never hurt no’bahdy!”


Glad You Came – The Wanted

20 Apr

I am sure this song has came on the radio and I honestly changed the station. I don’t really know who The Wanted is but the other day this song came on my Pandora Calvin Harris radio and I let it play.
And I’m going to get a bit mushy here but it made me think of the BF and I grew a little school-girl crush on him. The beat is very playful and the words are kinda romantic don’t you think?

I met the BF at a club a few years ago. And according to him, he didn’t even want to go out that night because he was sick….but you know what:
I’m Glad You Came – to the club! (super cheesy…let me be!)
Because he usually makes dinner and that’s one of the reasons I have a healthy lunch almost every day.

Ok so there is my mushy, lovey-dovey post of the month. This song gave me good feelings and I love when songs do that…whether they give me lovey-dovey feelings, motivational feelings, I’m hella sexy feelings or whatever – good feelings 🙂


“Do You Remember” – Ane Brun

9 Apr

I was driving this Saturday afternoon – a GORGEOUS day! It wasn’t too hot nor too bland, the day was perfect. Then this song came on. I wasn’t sure if it was a version of Bollywood-type music or if it was some new age pop song but I “Shazammed” it and found the name of this song that will definitely be a repeat in my playlist because it just gives good feelings.

Bored to Death HBO Series

9 Apr

“Ted Danson’s Greatest Role!”

“A slap-knee funny series with a flair of intelligence!”

“I want more!”

bored to death seriesThese are not review clips from major publications or television critics.

These are my own reviews. And I concur.

I’m not the type to watch any sitcoms nor do I ever get into any type of series. What can I say, I have a bad sense of time so when I remind myself all day that Mad Men starts at 10pm and I wake up the next day at 7am, well you see what I mean?

So all I can do at this point is to just buy a season DVD months, possibly years after it has aired on T.V.

This past Friday, I was eager to get the second season of another great show only to learn that the second season had just finished so it was not even out yet!

Instead, I decided to get into another show. A random show. A show that I may be interested in. A show that would fill in that void from not watching shows like normal people do.

I came across “Bored to Death” – a show about a writer that lives in Manhattan, NY and moonlights as an unlicensed private detective.

In it stars Jason Schwartzman, the struggling writer that makes white wine a beverage staple in each scene.

Ted Danson plays an editor and downright hilarious!

Zach Galifianakis plays a role that is rightfully his.

Enough said. Two days later I’m here typing up this random review and planning a trip to pick up the second season of this series because season one: been watched!

bored to death hbo



Gotta Have Faith (Limp Bizkit)

5 Apr

Somehow this song has creeped up on my playlist.
Actually, I lie. Not somehow. I deliberately went online to download this song because frankly, it makes me feel good. From the beginning fun beats to the hard-core rock out beats at the end, I friggin’ love it. Heck, I used to own the Limp Bizkit CD when I was in high school. And then, I went on to own the second Limp Bizkit CD. I’m not ashamed. I admit it. I went crazy for Limp Bizkit and it was all due to this song, or video at the time, when Total Request Live showed the entire top ten videos.

Scalp Massager

3 Apr
head massager

Scalp Therapy

I strongly regretted not purchasing this a few months ago. It’s not that it was expensive but I felt it unnecessary in my life.

But after replacing it on the shelf, I walked away feeling empty; feeling like something was missing in my life.

Flash-forward to last week and me and the head massager meet again! But this time, I dare not leave it behind.

For $4.99, this crazy claw thingy gives me great relief and a trip to heaven.