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2 Apr

There comes a time in my life when I decide to stroll down through Old Town Pasadena and make my way into the Lush store. And every time I do, I get suckered into spending all my money!

Well it’s not really their fault.

I mean it’s not their fault that their products have just the coolest names and are made with natural ingredients and smell refreshing and leave your skin oh so soft! It is not their fault that I can’t say no to every cool thing they want to show me. It’s not their fault that I have no self-discipline.

Ah but last time I was able to hold my own. And even though the friendly employee persuaded me into purchasing the entire store, I left with three very necessary products for my face:

angels on bare skin lush

Angels on Bare Skin: This is a gentle cleanser that has ground almond throughout so it makes it easy to exfoliate without it being harsh on the skin. I bought a quarter of a pound and I feel like this is going to last me forever as you do not need to get so much. A pinch is what I get, dab a bit of water and then gently scrub my face. It is not a makeup remover so I usually do that first (remove my makeup), then wash my face. It leaves your skin very soft and smooth. According to the web site, rose and lavender are added to soothe and help balance out combination skin, which makes it ideal for all skin types.

Breath of Fresh Air: After I wash my face with Angels on Bare Skin, I spritz some Breath of Fresh Air on my face. It contains fresh seawater, sea weed and aloe vera for a refreshing and nourishing treat for your face. To tighten pores, you can let air dry but I usually follow with the moisturizer below.

Vanishing Cream: This product was a bit pricey ($40) for me at that moment, but a little definitely goes a long way! So I know I got my money’s worth. It’s very light and leaves your skin so smooth. The web site notes that it is one of their most popular products and made with lavender absolute (for balancing), witch haze (pore-tightening and helps with eliminating blemishes) and grape seed oil (to soften the skin).

So this has been my morning and nite routine since. And I love touching my face after because it is extremely soft! It always feels good to know you are putting natural ingredients to take care of your skin and with Lush’s ample supply of nourishing roducts, you can take care of your skin and target any problems for a reasonable price.