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La Casita Mexican Restaurant – Bell, Calif.

23 Mar

It has been a hectic past few days and so I have decided to leave to Mexico for a few days in hopes of rejuvenation and sleep! But before I head out to the city of tacos and tasty, bottled Coca Colas, I decided to eat Mexican food here in the states, go figure!

Alas, La Casita, a tiny Mexican restaurant located in Bell – nothing fancy, not too far, kinda hood area but this locale has captured the simple Mexican details with the look of gourmet. Dishes common to Mexican culture, this restaurant focuses on their mole delicacy, smothering it over enchiladas, flautas and tortilla chips.

Every table gets their signature mole smothered chips, a different and DE’licious alternative to the usual chips and salsa. They have three different moles, green, traditional red and yellow. My fave was the green.

chips with mole

Signature chips with mole

Every meal comes with the soup of the day. The BF and I were trying to guess what soup this orange goodness was. I swore I was a master chef trying to decode every ingredient, saying it was carrot with tomatoes and onions, when it turned out to be spanish rice soup.

spanish rice soup la casita

Spanish Rice Soup sans rice

I ordered the cochinita pibil platter because I was craving some pork. This was served with your usual sides, rice and black beans but paired with homemade tortillas!

cochinita pibil from mi casita

cochinita pibil, the star attraction, cuz we all know what white rice looks like!

The cochinita pibil also came with a tiny serving of this red onion and habanero chile mix. Don´t let the size fool you now! I added a spoonful of this onto half a tortilla taco and oh boy! it was spicy but full of flavor. The spicy trauma lasted about a minute before it went away. And I was daring enough to try it again.


say hello to my little friend!

The BF loves enchiladas. If I were to make them for him every day, he would have abSHAlutely no problem eating them and would perhaps buy me whatever my little heart desired. In conclusion, I do not make them for him everyday thus, he ordered them here. Traditional red enchiladas with potatoes and chicken.

enchildas red la casita

the traditional red enchiladas

For dessert, we ended with the popular La Casita caramel-filled churros:


sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon

caramel filled churros

oozing with sweetness

On Yelp.com, there are a lot of negative reviews about bad service or a long wait. The locale is small which of course counts for the maybe bad service. But if you go on a weekday, there is not much of a wait and you, too, can experience, some good Mexican food for a low price. This meal was less than $40, which is a bargain for a popular, gourmet-ésque location. In addition, you also get a 10% off coupon for their shop next door offering Mexican detailed decor or food ingredients to prepare at home.

In the mean time, I will be enjoying some time off from school, work and California life. Make sure to try this or other places I´ve been randomly reviewing or drop me a line of other cool spots to check out!

Hasta Luego Amigos!