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The Original Pantry Cafe- Downtown L.A.

20 May
original pantry cafe breakfast

Greetings from The Original Pantry Cafe!

There’s usually a line out to Timbucktooroni just to take a part of the breakfast experience at The Original Pantry Cafe in downtown L.A. If it wasn’t for Saturday classes, I would have never learned about this place. The first thing I had heard about The Original Pantry was that the portions were huge, it was kinda pricey but “you get your money’s worth”. Well that was all fine and dandy but I’m not such a huge fan of waiting in line for 2o years for some ham ‘n eggs.

This past week, I had a day off and right away I thought of The Original Pantry Cafe. Perhaps I wouldn’t have to stand in line, and just in case I did, I had a back-up plan. So the BF and I made our way to downtown and yes! NO LINE! we went right into this locale that was nothing different than any other mom and pop shop in our neighborhood. However, The Original Pantry Cafe had history. Since 1924, this cafe had offered millions a good ‘ol fashioned, simple breakfast. No salmon or California omeletts, no brown sugar french toast or sparkling mimosas – just eggs, meat, potatoes and pancakes.

original pantry menu

saving your change is encouraged

The location is opened 24/7 and with “tradition” only CASH is accepted. Say wuhh? In this fast day in age where we can now use our cell phones to pay, The Original Pantry Cafe has remained simple and original offering meals that are deliciously comforting. I ordered me some ham ‘n eggs with potatoes that are full of flavor. Again, no bell peppers or onions – just pah-tay-tas! The BF had a side of pancakes that I ignored at first but oh boy! NO SYRUP needed! How did these place master soft and sweet pancakes???

Obviously a downtown landmark, The Original Pantry Cafe offers a genuine atmosphere without the “fluff”.

original pantry cafe food

did someone say breakfast??