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Purity Cleanser by Philosophy

18 Apr

Look Folks! I’m getting old.

The wrinkles around my eyes are becoming more visible and this past weekend my sister told me I had two gray hairs.

Oy vey! Just give me the walker already and I’ll meet you at Coco’s Restaurant.

On another note, let me tell you what’s been my dilemma lately: non makeup remover cleansers.

I have a lot to do during the day and I don’t want to spend an hour getting ready for bed.

I don’t want to clean the makeup around my eyes, then wash my face then still clean the makeup around my eyes.

And what’s worse is that with every rub to my eye as I’m trying to get the makeup off, I feel like I’m adding more wrinkles to my face!

Which brings me to another subject: Purity Cleanser by Philosophy. I used to be such a fan of this line, and still am but I’ve been playing around with a lot of other products.

So as I’m trying to take my makeup off last nite, I remembered that my Purity Cleanser did so instantly!

It was gentle on my face, cleansed my face and removed my makeup with ease. The best thing about it was that it lasted me for so long!

I would get the travel size Purity which only costs $10 and that baby would last me for about 2-3 months because you don’t need to apply so much.

The Purity line has grown to include a foaming cleanser and wipes, which are just the most functional thing because it’s a cleanser and makeup remover in one wipe!

Ahhh to be young again.